Saturday, September 20, 2014

Joel Osteen Severely Misquotes Bible In Facebook Post


You know, it doesn't surprise us what twisted philosophy Joel Osteen puts out, in our opinion he's not anointed like his late father, John Osteen.  He maybe a good motivational speaker, but a preacher, not called at all.   Allegedly, he misquoted Numbers 11:23, it's so twisted, we can't understand what he was trying to say.  Anyway, he must have got so embarrassed, he deleted the post.   God bless you.

Joel Osteen Severely Misquotes Bible In Facebook Post

On September 15, 2014, Joel Osteen paraphrased Numbers 11:23 on Facebook...Read full article, here.


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Friday, September 19, 2014

Actress Lupita is Under Fire for her Sesame Street: “Black Skin is Beautiful Too”

We all know that the world is racist and even black people go against their own when it comes to being proud of how God made us. It is a shame that people of any race would criticize Lupita's appearance on the children's television show and how she spoke on black skin being beautiful like any other skin or race. Why do people find it hard to accept in a world that is very multi-cultural and interracial, for that fact?

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Model and Actress Lupita is Under Fire for her Sesame Street: “Black Skin is Beautiful Too” | AT2W

Thursday, September 18, 2014

NBC News Prediction: “All Americans Microchipped In Less Than 3 Years”; 'Will You Accept The Mark?' by Apostle Lobias Murray

Now, we just had a personal debate about one of our head journalists walking off the job, because of this issue.  Her supervisor has had a microchip in his flesh and she no longer feels comfortable working for this Dallas company.  It seems like she would get a lot of support, but it seems like there was lack of concern for her welfare from someone she used to be very close to.  The way she sees it, God allowed other issues to cause her to make a rash decision, because  as a child of God, she should not have ever been under a supervisor with a microchip in his flesh.  Now, all of a sudden one of our Facebook friends showed us a link that reveals NBC's prediction, "All Americans Will Be Microchipped in Less Than 3 Years!!!"  It's not by accident folks, let us get serious with God and stop agreeing with all the carnality in the church.  Make a decision to be holy or choose hell.  Don't you see what's going on in this nation? 

Saints of God, it's it time to stop think to be holy and seek God more than ever before.   When we revealed to you Apostle Lobias Murray's sermon, 'Will you Accept the Mark,' we had no idea we were so close.  However, no we will not accept the this microchip and NBC News Prediction is in error, not all Americans will accept it.  God bless.

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NBC News: “All Americans Will Be Microchipped In Less Than 3 Years”

Do you believe in the Mark of The Beast?

The Mark of The Beast is something the Bible refers to in the book of Revelation 13:16

It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave...Read full article, here.



Pastor Tony Evans Allegedly says his Church will Confront Abusive Men, Women Don't have to Submit to Them

Pastor Tony Evans has stepped up to protect the women in his church.  He has instructed women to escape, if a man ever abuses them.  We think that is very courageous of Pastor Evans, because too many times we have heard various pastors defend abusive men.   Allegedly, one of our journalists who attended New Birth says that she used to hear Bishop Long defend abusive men and not say much to support hurting women. 

According to, forty-two percent of pastors "rarely" or "never" speak about domestic violence, and less than 25 percent of them speak to their church about such abuse once a year, according to LifeWay Research's telephone survey of 1,000 senior pastors of Protestant churches. 

Praise God, for Pastor Tony Evans caring about women who are abused by men.  We also want to say, he did make the point, women should not be putting their hands on the man, of course.

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Women Do Not Have to Submit to an Abusive Man, Says Pastor Tony Evans; Tells Victims in Church 'We Will Confront Him'

By Nicola Menzie , Christian Post Reporter

"Submission never means abuse," Pastor Tony Evans told his Dallas, Texas, congregation on Sunday, making it clear what he believes the Christian position is on domestic violence.

"We've been hearing about one kind of struggle here lately — domestic abuse," said Evans, referring to recent news headlines concerning Ray Rice, who was...Read full article, here.

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61-Year-Old CFO of Crown of Life Community Baptist Church Accused of Stealing Nearly $100,000

This is very sad, we know times are very hard for seniors, but it's not worth spending the rest of your life in jail.  Allegedly, the CFO of Crown of Life Community Baptist Church is allegedly accused of stealing almost $100,000.  Gwendolyn Hawthorne allegedly used the money to pay off debts and eat at some restaurants.  

We want to encourage you seniors who have given up on life, to never give up. Start a business if you need more money and live the rest of your life as a young person.  Often times, some elders who commit crimes is simply because they feel they have no choice and experience emotional distress.  However, we want to encourage you to seek God and don't give up on your life.  Your life is yet valuable in the eyes of God.   If you have a position as a CFO, thank God for it, but never steal from your employer, it's wrong and you have to pay for doing so.

In the meantime, we will keep Gwendolyn Hawthorne in our prayers.

61-Year-Old Atlanta Woman Accused of Stealing Nearly $100,000 from Crown of Life Community Baptist Church Where She Worked as Chief Financial Officer

A Cobb County woman is accused of stealing more than $93,000 from the church where she worked and using the money to pay her personal bills and dine at restaurants, according to police.

Gwendolyn Hawthorne, 61, of Marietta, allegedly took $93,744.25 from Crown of Life Community Baptist Church in...Read full article, here.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One of Megachurch Prophet, T.B. Joshua's Building Collapsed and Killed nearly 70 People

Prophet T.B. Joshua is under scrutiny, after one of his church buildings collapsed and killed about 70 people.  Allegedly, some of his church members blocked rescue efforts, afterwards.  Now, we are not sure what actually took place, but we question why church workers didn't want anyone rescued from that tragic occurrence. Now, as far as we know Prophet Joshua has allowed God to use him to lay hands on many people full of the Devil, but some of his members who blocked rescuers may still need deliverance.  Did they try to stop rescuers, because this was a plot for profitable gain for some church officials?  What do you think, SCR readers?

Popular Nigerian Megachurch Pastor, T.B. Joshua, Faces Scrutiny After Officials Claim Church Workers Blocked Rescue Efforts Following Building Collapse

A Nigerian televangelist whose exuberant followers across Africa and beyond believe he has powers of healing and prophesy is now under scrutiny after one of his buildings collapsed, killing at least 70 people.

Following the disaster, officials charged that church workers...Read full article, here.

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Celebrity News: Robert Griffin III Told by NFL Not to Wear “Know Jesus, Know Peace” T-Shirt at Press Conference

Saints of God, we are living in the last days.  This professional football player who is evidently a believer in Christ was told by NFL not to wear his T-Shirt that reveals “Know Jesus, Know Peace”.  It seems like to us, if this nation desires peace and for things to get better, people in these big organizations would want the message to spread. 

According to CSN Washington reports that Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan wore a t-shirt from Five Four Clothing to the podium for the postgame press conference and was not asked to change his shirt.   

Tell us, how is it Michael Sam has the right to openly admit he's gay at a press conference, but Robert Griffin III cannot wear a T-Shirt spreading the message of Jesus Christ?  This is a clear sign that born again believers are treated unfairly. We certainly hope Robert Griffin III will file a lawsuit, because it's his right to wear what he believes.  Furthermore.  We pray more Christian NFL players will resign and choose to do something else.  Anyway, after Michael Sam coming out of the closet, it seems as though men of God have no business being a part of the NFL.  It's just like Hollywood, so many times these new age preachers say Christians should be light in such a wicked industry.  However, how can anyone show the light of Jesus Christ where He's not wanted?

In the meantime, we will keep Robert Griffin III in our prayers. 

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Robert Griffin III Told by NFL Not to Wear “Know Jesus, Know Peace” T-Shirt at Press Conference

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was reportedly told by an NFL uniform inspector not to wear his “Know Jesus, Know Peace” t-shirt before Sunday’s postgame...Read full article, here.

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