Monday, March 2, 2015

Watch One of Dr. E. Dewey Smith's Best Sermons, "When Satan Blesses"

Although, we may not agree with Dr. E. Dewey Smith allowing secular danging in his church, we have to say, he's a great preacher.  The man of God gives examples in his sermon, "When Satan Blesses" how the enemy gives us such a hard time through some people in our lives, but yet we receive blessings through those trials.   God allows us to go through pain, so we can come out a winner and have a testimony.  Many of you don't realize at the time, but Satan really is blessing us while he is trying to oppress us through those are doing his agenda to try and destroy us.  Dr. Smith points out that in the midst of our trials, comes favor.  Watch and be blessed.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

ISIS releases 19 Assyrian Christian hostages

Thank God, ISIS released 19 Christians.  That is not only a blessing, but a miracle, after they already killed others.  However, some returned home to find their property destroyed, but at least, they are yet alive.  According to, the Syrian Observatory had said previously that a self-proclaimed ISIS court ordered the release of 29 Assyrian Christian hostages, citing an Assyrian commander.  In the meantime, let's keep the peace over here, so God can answer our prayers to stop this militant group.

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Alleged Criminal Shot Dead Outside of Houston's Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church

An alleged criminal who was volunteering at a church in Houston was shot and killed.  Who was he?  Michael Irving, a father who was about to make a plea deal for wire fraud.  This is very sad, because he was volunteering for an event for black history month at Good Hope Baptist Church, last night.  It makes you wonder should there still be a such a thing as black history month, since so many blacks are yet destroying and killing their own race?

According to , Irving volunteered as a sound engineer for Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church. On Friday night, he worked a black history event that had rented space at the church, and when it was over, told church security a ride was coming to pick him up.

Hopefully, Michael Irving is in a better place, may he rest in peace. God bless.

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American pastor accused of sexual assault Captured!!

An American pastor who has been a longtime fugitive has been caught by police.  Allegedly, Victor Barnard was arrested for sexually molesting two young girls, 59 counts.  According to, Victor Arden Barnard, 53, was arrested Friday at a home in a gated community, said the Public Security Secretariat of Rio Grande do Norte state. A 33-year-old woman was detained, police said. In the meantime, we pray for him to fully surrender to Christ.   If he didn't do anything wrong, why was he on the run?  Of course, he has a lot of explaining to do to God and of course, to the judge.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

North Carolina Man With ‘666’ Tattoo Arrested After Fatal Stabbing in Church

Saints of God, we live in a crazy world, just read the above title.  Over in Syria, there's a battle against our brothers and sisters in Christ.  ISIS is doing the work of the Devil in one part of the earth and then, in this part of God's land, there was actually a man with the Mark of the Beast tattooed on his forehead.  William Long is homeless and killed someone else in the same situation as himself.  Lord help us!!!

According to, a homeless man has been charged with first degree murder after fatally stabbing another homeless man at a shelter in Duck, North Carolina.

We pray the judge deals with him, however he sees fit, but this guy doesn't need to be out on the street, ever again.

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Celebrity News: Former NBA All-Star Anthony Mason dead at 48

This is so sad, a former NBA player, Anthony Mason died too soon.  One of the biggest things many of us have dealt with in our lives is stress.  Of course, we do not know why he died of heart failure, but one can figure it probably was a lot of stress in his life.  

This teaches us that to give whatever we are dealing with, to God in prayer.  A lot of depression can kill us and a lot of times we do not even know what pressure it is putting on our heart.

According to , Mason, a 2001 All-Star with the Miami Heat, played for six NBA teams over 13 seasons including five years with the Knicks. He was diagnosed with congestive heart failure earlier this month.

May Anthony Mason rest in peace. 

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Listen to One of Evangelist Iona Locke's Best Sermons, 'A Place Called Hell'

Evangelist Iona Locke gives us another one of those good sermons, 'A Place Called Hell.'  Now it may seem scary to you to open a discussion about hell, but there's really nothing to discuss, either we choose to live for Christ and be holy or serve the Devil and do evil.  We have a choice, God gave us a free will.   What Bishop Iona Locke preaches in this sermon, is exactly what we've heard in some of those who have claimed Jesus Christ took them on a tour in hell.  Listen and saints, let us learn how to pray for each other.  Let's choose to love and forgive, as we all grow to totally follow Christ. God loves you and so do we.  Thanks for reading SCR and God bless you.

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