Friday, December 19, 2014

Pastor Daniel Obinim Stepped On Pregnant Woman Stomach

The more time we have on earth, it seems like the more craziest situations we hear about; this preacher was actually putting his footing on a pregnant woman's belly.   If a preacher is not chosen to be in his or her position, they will act out in a demonic way and do some of the most bizarre things we never even heard of before.  According to, in the video  pastor of International God’s Way Church in Ghana is seen placing his foot on the belly of the pregnant woman, and then pressing in a kicking motion for nearly a minute.  What's so crazy is, we will see preachers do certain things to offend or harm people and their followers just sit back as though it's okay.   'Lord, please clean out the pulpit and heal the minds of those who follow these insane preachers, we rebuke Satan in Jesus name!'

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Bishop Paul S. Morton and Wife, Pastor Debra Morton are Not Leaving their Ministry

We don't know how the rumor got around that they both were leaving their positions, but people thought it was true.   We are so very glad, the lovely couple are remaining pastors, because their members need them are many souls are waiting to hear the gospel.   Both preach very good sermons for Jesus Christ. According to, Bishop Paul S. Morton, he nor his wife, Pastor Debra Morton are leaving the ministry.  

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Wisconsin Pastor Julius R. Malone Shares How Prayer, God Helped Him Beat Cancer

A lot of times, we do get very tired of some pastors bragging about how they just bought the top of the line Mercedes Benz.  So this is why we are so grateful for the man of God's testimony.  Pastor Malone gives praises to God for healing him of cancer.  Pastor Julius Malone went through a trial, he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, a form of cancer that most people die from. However, God answered his prayer and didn't let him down.  According to, Pastor Malone got his greatest test on living what he preaches beginning in October of 2013. Pastor Malone started having stomach pains, his doctor treated him for acid reflux but the pain would not go away.  This goes to show you, never give up on God.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Chicago Pastor Gordon A. Humphrey Jr. Collapses and Dies In Pulpit While Singing Pharrell’s "Happy" Song

Another pastor has collapsed and died in the pulpit.  Do you recall what we reminded you about when the COGIC pastor from Virginia, Bishop Barnett K. Thoroughgood also died in the pulpit a few years ago?  Then there were some others who also died in the pulpit, but we cannot recall specific names.  We don't know how true it is, but Bishop Earthquake Kelley allegedly said when he had his near death experience, God told him that many pastors would die in the pulpit for seeking fame and fortune (see below video).  Now, we don't know the personal lives of these pastors, we're just saying...

According to, Pastor Gordon A. Humphrey Jr. of United Ministries passed away while preaching at the pulpit this Sunday, according to reports. The 60-year-old pastor was ministering at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago and singing Pharrell’s hit song “Happy” when he suddenly collapsed.   

This is kind of scary, he died singing a secular song.  We pray for his parishoners.

Watch Video (Stop At 3:30)

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Bishop T. D. Jakes Says Black Men Should Not Be "Tried on the Sidewalk"

Recently, Bishop T. D. Jakes is speaking out against what has been going on against black men in America.  Does it surprise you? Usually, he has made a great impact to attract a multicultural following and it seems like this is what has caused him to keep his mega-church like some other famous black pastors and televangelists. However, since the two recent tragic situations in Ferguson and New York, we don't think these celebrity black preachers like Bishop Jakes can hold back anymore.   According to, Bishop T.D. Jakes told worshipers at The Potter’s House Church in Dallas that black men should not be “tried on the sidewalk.” At Ebenezer AME Church in Fort Washington, Maryland, choir members sang “We Shall Overcome” for worshippers wearing T-shirts that read “Black Lives Matter” and “I Can’t Breathe.” Men at the West Angeles Church of God in Christ in Los Angeles stood more than four rows deep around the altar for a special blessing and message from the pastor, Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake.  In the meantime, we will keep Bishop T. D. Jakes in our prayers.

Hollywood News: Actor Stephen Collins Admits to Sexual Abuse

Hollywood actor, Stephen Collins allegedly admitted he's had intercourse with underage girls in the past.  However, he allegedly says he no longer has molested any more girls.  According to, Stephen Collins, perhaps best known as his role as Reverend Camden on 7th Heaven confessed to molesting underage girls, according to The magazine has his full statement, which will hit newsstands this weekend.  We'll keep you posted on any further information, as we receive it. God bless you and thanks for reading SCR.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bill Clinton Says Eric Garner Shouldn't Have Been Doing Anything Illegal, but ‘Didn’t Deserve to Die’

We wonder if the majority of blacks still see Bill Clinton, the similitude of a 'black president.  Many times, we've heard some blacks say, he is a black president, regardless of his white skin, because he did a lot for black people. However, up until now, they may change their minds.   Allegedly, he said Eric Garner shouldn't have been doing anything illegal before he died, although, he did not deserve to die.  We ask you, was it necessary to discuss Garner illegally selling cigarettes on the street before he died in a chokehold and couldn't breathe?  Let us give you this example, the KKK killed many blacks, illegally, but do we have the right to kill them?

We will make sure to keep Bill Clinton in our prayers, because we think he's got a lot of black folks stirred up from his comment.

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