Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Homeless Man Gives A Testimony and a Praise Dance at COGIC AIM Convention!!

Saints of God, although this was back in 2013, we wanted to share this homeless man's testimony.  Not too often do people from the church invite homeless people in God's House, but at the AIM Convention that's just what this woman of God did.  She told this homeless man to walk into the church at a certain time and not only did he get up in front of the church and give his testimony, he praised God.  All the saints did a praise dance with him and they had a glorious time.   We tell you, if life has been hard for you, God can change it.  Just like he touched this man, he will not only touch you, he will bless you.   

Before you watch this video, we want to let you know, if we could get more homeless people to just come into the church as they are, we know the body of Christ would change.   We heard one rich and famous preacher in Los Angeles say that homeless people could come into his church, just take a bath first, but it looks like at this COGIC church in Baltimore, this man obeyed the woman of God and was embraced just how he was, right off the streets.  Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!!

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Young Man Tells His Dream about Hell

This young man shares his testimony about hell.   In this dream, he saw the Devil on one side and on the other side there were demons celebrating, because of all the souls falling into hell.  They were falling into a deep pit.   We believe it, because how he describes the scene reminds us of other testimonies we've heard.    God gave this young man this dream to share with us, because He wants us to know how real hell is.  Also, God wants us to ignore all of these false prophets like Bishop Carlton Pearson, claiming that there is no hell and no Satan.  This young man encourages at the end of this video to stay away from sin and live holy and righteous. 

We want to forewarn you not to take these testimonies about hell, lightly.  When a person tells you that they've had a near death experience or a dream about heaven or hell, it's very real.  We are living in the last days and if you notice, we as Christians have been faced with some of the worst trials in our lives.  It's simply because Satan wants our souls.

God bless you and thanks for reading SCR.

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Former Flagler Beach pastor charged in fraud scheme

This former assistant pastor, Wesley Alan Brown has been charged in defrauding church members.  Brown was paid almost a half a million dollars in this scheme.   Hopefully, this is all a mistake and we are praying for him. 

According to , authorities said Wesley Alan Brown, a former assistant pastor at Calvary Chapel Flagler Beach, sold unregistered, nonexempt securities to former church members as part of his scheme.  

We'll keep you updated on any further information about Wesley Brown's arrest. God bless and thanks for reading SCR.

Former Flagler Beach pastor charged in fraud scheme

A former Flagler County pastor awaits extradition from North Carolina following his arrest on allegations he duped at least six Flagler County...Read full article, here.

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Will Mase, Mason Betha Ever Be a Pastor Again?

We knew Mason Betha was done with preaching after there was so much negative coverage in the media about his ministry.  We visited his facebook fan page for the church and there was even one person encouraging him not to quit his ministry.  However, one question comes to mind and that is, will he ever become a pastor again?   You know, no one should be standing in the pulpit unless God called them to preach.

We noticed that Pastor Mason Betha's previous ministry website has been down for time now.  So, we cannot help but wonder who will take over the church that was located in two locations: Phoenix, Arizona and Atlanta, Georgia?   If no one takes over, it's probably good, because we know God is tired of all these pastors who are not living up to his standard of pure holiness.  It makes him so unhappy when they cannot make a decision to serve Him or do their own thing.  

In the meantime, we will keep Mase aka Mason Betha in our prayers.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Porn Is Not Manly, Leaves Men Unhappy and Bored, Says Blogger

Tyler Ward, a popular blogger explains that porn does not bring happiness to men.  Of course, it's just like other addiction, in our opinion, it's makes you feel good for so long, but then you realize it was an imitation of real happiness. 

According to, in a blog post for, Ward makes clear distinctions between what men oftentimes think their addiction is feeding and the reality of what porn consumption actually does. He notes a few reasons why men should stay away from porn while noting that not doing so can threaten their quality of life.  

Thank God, Tyler Ward is telling the truth and we hope many men and women will be blessed by it.  For there are also women who are addicted to porn, they just fail to admit it.

Porn Is Not Manly, Leaves Men Unhappy and Bored, Says Blogger

By Jessica Martinez , CP Reporter

Pornography does not satisfy like many may think it does because it has little to do with sex and everything to do with fantasy, says Christian author and blogger Tyler Ward.

In a blog post for, Ward makes clear distinctions between what men oftentimes think their addiction is...Read full article, here.

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Former pastor accused of child sex crimes commits suicide

This is so sad, another pastor has committed suicide, but this time it's probably because he was about to go to jail for child molestation.  Years ago, we heard of another case, involving an attorney who committed suicide the same way, in front of police deputies.   We pray for Pastor Michael Reece Mullis soul, because for no reason are you suppose to kill yourself.  

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Former pastor accused of child sex crimes kills self

By Paige Hansen

CONCORD, N.C. —A former concord pastor took his own life days after authorities took out warrants to arrest him on child sex charges.

Channel 9 learned Monday the former pastor shot himself in front of deputies...Read full article, here.

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Rapper Mase Has Officially Left Church to Rap Full time

If you have been keeping up with news on Rapper/Pastor Mase, you'd know that he has been indignant about talking about his rap career and about his church and being a pastor on an interview...Well, it appears Mase has chose the rap game over his church and pastoring

Read more at:

Ex-Pastor Now Rapper Mase Again Has Officially Left Church to Rap Full time, Says Report | AT2W

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