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100 Detroit Churches Organize March for Racial and Economic Justice: SCR Has Another Solution

We were stunned when we read the headlines about 100 churches joining for a march for racial and economic justice in Detroit.  The city of Detroit has an African American population of about 85%.  We ask you, how can whites or any other race oppress black people in that city?  We believe wherever African Americans are the dominate race within a city, they can easily take strategic measures to change things for the better, there's no excuse.  One of the reasons why it's never worked, there's a lack of love, respect and unity among them.  In our opinion, the main problem in Detroit, is black oppressing other blacks, just like in other various cities across America.

We've watched several documentaries, regarding the history of Detroit, besides 'Preachers of Detroit' and we learned that the problem there mainly black on black crime, in our opinion. The solution for racial and economic justice is for those same 100 churches to join forces against black on black crime and for the pastors to enforce love, respect and unity within the black community, not just in the church.  It's time to teach African Americans to be fair to each other before they can expect respect and justice in return from whites and other races. 

According to, Called the March for Justice, the walk is part of a broader effort to highlight what organizers say is the growing marginalization of African Americans in Detroit. While the city's residential population is 84% African-American, the community is being ignored in recent development efforts, said members of the planned march.

According to, the march and later actions planned — such as voter registration — are to help "eliminate racially-motivated injustice and promote economic parity," Sanders said. About 3,000 to 5,000 are expected to take part in the march, said organizers.
Of course, there are other measures these 100 churches in Detroit could take once they spread the message of love, respect and unity within the black community.  All of that energy they are putting into this upcoming march, they could be putting into distributing fliers, making announcements through radio and TV networks for a revival, not just for their congregants, but for all citizens who wish to eliminate crime.  For the problem in Detroit is a spiritual issue, a battle that cannot be solved through marches and rallies.  The same Devil that is behind racism and racial injustice is the same Devil that is working through the evil spirits of blacks against blacks within the city of Detroit.  The citizens of Detroit must take control of their neighborhoods through the power of God.  Once they take control over the neighborhoods by taking strategic steps to eliminate crime within their neighborhoods, then they can command racial and economic justice.  

In conclusion, this solution can be used all states across America where there is a problem of racial discrimination, social and economic injustice.

This following video reveals the problems that should cease among many blacks in Detroit before the citizens can expect racial and economic justice.

Detroit bankruptcy documentary on Crime: Gangs, drug dealers, decline of the economy

Source: BlackChristianNews
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Pastor Don Shelby Jr. and Family on 'Preachers of Detroit': COGIC???

We are going to start this post off by informing you that it's very wrong for this COGIC family to judge Bishop Corletta Vaughn for her position in the ministry and is not living up to the standard of pure holiness.  If you have been watching 'Preachers of Detroit', you will recall Pastor Don Shelby Jr discussing the name of his children's gospel group, 'The Shelby Five', (as stated on their church website, (Burning Bush International).  First of all, why do they have to model the name similar to 'The Jackson Five, a secular family group?  Why can't the Shelby children allow God to give a name that not only represents complete holiness, but also originality.  

To be honest with you, we've been holding off discussing the issue with this family since 'Preachers of Detroit' Episode 1, but we must finally give you our opinion.   Whenever there was a discussion in the presence of Bishop Corletta Vaughn or without her being present, First Lady Bonita Shelby allegedly mentions in her own words she believes in standing by her man, not being in the forefront. As a COGIC woman since she has such a traditional value as the first lady, why is she and Pastor Don Shelby allowing their children to perform in such a worldly fashion?

Yes, we watched the latest episode of 'Preachers of Detroit' and there was no anointing whatsoever.  Their children were stepping like they were in a nightclub.   We are tired of the hypocrisy of some COGIC people.   We sincerely think we would not have such a problem with carnality among gospel artists, if parents would stop supporting their children's contemporary music. God is not pleased and neither one, Pastor Don nor his wife Bonita, including their daughters can judge Bishop Corletta Vaughn being a female bishop, not unless they get their household right.   Their children do not represent a standard of pure holiness and it doesn't matter to us if they are being backed up by gospel artist, Evangelist Dorinda Clark Cole. What we say about the Shelby's goes for her too, she cannot judge Bishop Corletta Vaughn's position in ministry, if her music or performance is not holy.

There children were singing about 'Tear Down these Walls Lord'.  They want Him to tear them down, they better pray for some anointing first. Furthermore, they don't need to be doing all this dancing with all the fatal issues they've got going on in the city of Detroit.  These children need to be getting serious, not half-stepping in God's Kingdom.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dr.Frederick D. Haynes,III Presents A Workshop On How To Organize Your Church For Justice Ministry

dr fredrick haynes justice ministry

It's a shame we are in living in era when many pastors within the black church need to learn how to speak the truth about injustice toward black people in America. Dr. Frederick Haynes is presenting a worship for all preachers to learn about social justice in the church.  It seems like this workshop will stress how important it is to for the black church to be concerned about what it going on against African Americans in this era. 

Back in the 1960's our people were struggling for equality and it was so bad, the black church had to be the foundation within the black community. However, there are so many black preachers over mega ministries these days, it seems like most of them are more focused on not offending their multi-cultural congregations, they fail to speak the truth about social injustice. 
 We sincerely hope many of them show up at Dr. Frederick Haynes workshop and learn that we are now back in time and America very well could end up back in the days of Jim Crowe. It's time for all preachers to speak the truth and of course, first comes repentance. Yes, all black people must repent to God before preaching about social injustice. It is time for black preachers everywhere to preach God is the ruler and for black people to no longer idolize white America. Dr. Haynes workshop is right on time.

Gospel Artist, Erica Campbell's Husband Says God Gave Him the Name for His Church

Some of you may not know it, but there is a lot of demonic powers over the state of California.   Therefore, a Spirit filled church to break that ancient cycle among many whole rule there needs to be broken.  Gospel Artist, Erica Campbell's husband who recently opened the doors to California Worship Center admits that God gave him that name.  We sincerely pray that the Pastor Campbell's ministry is more than just about the name, but it's about deliverance.

According to, Warryn Campbell recently opened up about the idea of his church, California Worship Center being inspired by God.  Warryn, the My Block Records CEO, who has produced music for his wife Erica Campbell and her sister, Tina, in their group Mary Mary for years, has inspired a direction for the church. Now, the super producer is getting ready to open the doors to his church and opening up about the inspiration behind his name.

A big part of the problem in various states across America is that many pastors have moved away from naming their churches 'Full Gospel', 'Holiness Church' or 'Deliverance Temple' and they've followed the trend of calling their churches, 'Worship Center.'  Why not call it California Full Gospel Temple or California Deliverance Temple? Too many souls are dying going to hell right in the church, because it's too modern these days.   We don't know if God is happy with that name, because it can lead into another mega ministry that is not out to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ, but only out to stack millions of dollars in the bank.

In the meantime, we will keep Pastor Warryn Campbell and his wife, inspiring gospel artist, Erica Campbell in our prayers.

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Hundreds flock to see apparition of Jesus Christ after it appears following Colombian landslide

It amazes us when people have seen Jesus Christ in various ways, this time on a Colombian landslide in San Francisco.  There is a reason the face of Jesus Christ is appearing there, because in the midst of sin, he's always been there.  The same as for every state in America, many people may decide not to follow Jesus Christ and commit various types of sin such as: homosexuality, malice, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, but they cannot deny his presence whenever He makes his visitations.

According to, some local landowners are cashing in by charging visitors to view the holy image, according to a local newspaper.

In the meantime, we will keep you updated on this report in the future, if necessary.

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Friday, March 27, 2015

Watch One of First Lady, Evangelist Karen Clark Sheard's Best Sermons, 'Leave My Judas Alone'

first lady evangelist karen clark sheard

First Lady Karen Clark Sheard is a real preacher. There are many Judas Iscariot's in the within the body of Christ. She teaches us how to respond to people who betray us. We have to learn not to fight those who smile in our face but stab us in the back, but love them. Don't panic, if they deceive us, because we will definitely miss out on God. God wants us to handle each and every person who deceives and...Read full article, here.

John Perkins Slams Creflo Dollar's Evil, Heretical Exploitation of Black Communities for $65 Million Private Jet Campaign

Praise the Lord for more people coming out speaking against Creflo Dollar's greed and others like him.  He needs to be rebuked, because he's not right.  We've heard from inspiring gospel artist, Kirk Franklin and The Grio even wrote an article, comparing Dollar to Jay-z and Kanye West among other high profile preachers of mega ministries.  Now God is using this man, civil rights activist, John M. Perkins to truthfully open up about how evil Creflo Dollar is.

According to, John M. Perkins, a civil rights leader and father of the racial reconciliation movement, criticized pastor Creflo Dollar's former fundraising campaign for a new $65 million private jet as "evil," "heresy," and "exploitation," as he explained the damage prosperity preachers have done to black communities.

We agree, but this has been going on for over 20 years now since a lot of black pastors have been over mega ministries and not focusing on issues within the black community.  It sure takes a civil rights leader like John M. Perkins to explain what damage has been done, so we can finally fix the problem.   However, we certainly feel because Creflo Dollar and others like him have not reached out to the black community over the years, too much damage has been done. Therefore, the damage caused by the greed of a lot of preachers may never be fixed if they do not repent.  We can never fight injustice done to African Americans if preachers don't stop focusing on prosperity and start focusing on the destruction among our own people.

Source and photo:

(Photo: Courtesy of Alli Rader)

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