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Listen to One of Apostle Lobias Murray's Best Sermons, "THE WILD VINE"

Here is one of the best sermons Apostle Lobias Murray preached, it's called "The Wild Vine." We really thank God for this man of God who taught us not to stray away from holiness.  In this particular sermon he instructs us not to follow false doctrines that is not what is taught in the Word of God.  Be careful who tries to persuade you to leave the way of holiness. When you want to do things your own way, you are a part of the wild vine. Those who have strayed away from pure holiness are a part of the wild vine.  You will be destroyed if you choose the wild vine.  Be blessed and enjoy Apostle Lobias sermon, 'The Wild Vine.'

  Listen to "The Wild Vine"

TBN Founder Paul Crouch, Earl Paulk and Oral Roberts Linked to Mafia Drugs and White Supremacists

If this story is true, we would not be surprised. We always suspected Paul Crouch and family were racists along with the others. Black folks thought they were going somewhere when they were invited to TBN to preach, host or perform. From what we knew back in the day, TBN never paid any hosts or performers to be on the "Praise the Lord" show. It was just a place to get support and maybe they received a donation.

Read more at:

TBN Founder Paul Crouch, Earl Paulk and Oral Roberts Linked to Mafia Drugs and White Supremacists | AT2W

John Lennon's Assassin says his life is all about Jesus Christ

Mark David Chapman claims to be a changed man through Jesus Christ.  He admits what he did was wrong and is now fully focused on reaching lost souls through he and his wife's ministry.   This is truly a testimony, after we allegedly learned about a hell testimony of teens who saw John Lennon in hell. 

According to, Chapman apologized for the pain he caused Lennon, his family and his millions of fans: "I am sorry for being such an idiot and choosing the wrong way for glory. I found my peace in Jesus. I know Him. He loves me. He has forgiven me." 

In the meantime, we will continue to pray for Mark David Chapman and thank God for his deliverance and his ministry.

Watch Video


 John Lennon's Assassin: My Life Is All About Jesus 

Cathy Lynn Grossman/RNS

The man who murdered John Lennon wants only one thing now—to tell others about Jesus.

Mark David Chapman, 59, told parole examiners he was no longer the man who sought notoriety...Read full article, here.



Pat Robertson Claims Teen Is Gay Because He's Raised by Single Mom


The issue of many teen boys being raised without a father is nothing new, it's been going on for years.  In this case, a step-mother wrote into the CBN program and asked what should be done about her step-son having crush on boys.  Pat Robertson said, it's because the boy probably going through this issue, because he's not around his father. 

According to, Robertson responded that while many people "think they are born that way," he disagrees and considers "nurture" to be the primary factor. 

We agree with Robertson, but one thing to remember is that it happens to girls too, if a mother does not pay attention to her daughter, then she will look for love in women.  Therefore, this ancient issue is not just about alleged sin, but it's about lacking role models in a family that needs a father and a mother.

Pat Robertson Claims Teen Is Gay Because He's Raised by Single Mom

Controversial televangelist Pat Robertson has recently claimed that a teenage boy brought up by his single mother is showing signs of being gay because of the absence of a father figure.

During the "Bring It On" segment on an episode of the long-running series...Read full article, here.


Pastor Committed Suicide after Getting Man's Wife Pregnant 4 Times

This is why the Word of God forewarns us not to sin, this pastor committed suicide, he drank poison after getting a man's wife pregnant 4 times.  Reverend Menard Zvenyika  could not deal with the humiliation and died on his way to the hospital, according to our source.

The woman was forced to have abortions with the first 3 pregnancies, but the fourth time, she finally bore a son.   According to, Mukobvu testified in court that the adulterous relationship between his wife and Zvenyika destroyed their marriage and his wife was willing to testify in court as to the accuracy of his statements.

We have a message for you pastors who are committing adultery and doing other types of sin, 'stop the sinning and start focusing on winning souls for Christ. For as long as you sin, the world won't take you seriously or even come to Christ, because they know there are too many hypocrites in the pulpit and in the church.'

Pastor Drinks Poison after Getting Man's Wife Pregnant 4 Times

By BMS Staff

(BlackMediaScoop) After being slapped with a civil lawsuit of $10,000 for allegedly impregnating another man’s wife, Reverend Menard Zvenyika was due to appear before a disciplinary hearing of his church.

Zvenyika apparently couldn’t face any further humiliation and...Read full article, here.


Prophet Brian Carn and Tim Clinton Debate about Fornicaton!


We thank God for Prophet Carn upholding the standard of holiness.  He allegedly tweeted with this preacher, Tim Clinton (below photo) about fornication.When it comes to biblical commandments, there should be no confusion about it, but evidently, we have some rebellious preachers these days.   Tim Clinton allegedly says like Detrick Haddon there are no scriptures to prove it's wrong to shack.  However, Prophet Brian Carn proved him wrong and called shacking what it is, sin. 

This is why you must be led by the Spirit and not follow everybody in the pulpit. It's a dangerous thing for Tim Clinton to debate with Prophet Carn on this issue.  You see, why homosexuals are winning their rights in this country? Too many of these preachers want to prove that it's not wrong to shack.  Wow, many of these preachers want to say it's okay to shack, but stop gay marriage, that's no power.  How can you stop gay marriage, if you don't want to marry and argue it's okay to shack?

Prophet Brian Carns and Tim Clinton Tackle the Subject of Fornicaton!


FBI Files Link 3 Christian Televangelists To Mafia, Gun Running, Narcotics, White Supremacy!

Now of course we know God will bless the body of Christ to broadcast the gospel worldwide, He can do anything, but-deep down inside, we know something wasn't right with TBN and it's founder, Paul Crouch.  Allegedly, Crouch was tied to the mafia, gun running, narcotics and white supremacy.   A lot of you folks in the black church worship white America so much, you won't except the truth, but facts from the FBI don't lie.   

According to,  not only Paul Crouch, but also the late Earl Paulk and Oral Roberts were connected to white supremacy.  We're not surprised, because on a lot of the previous tapings, we noticed how Paul and his wife Jan would often be on stage with a lot of black preachers seated in back of them like they were slaves.  However, we don't blame the Crouch's for that, it didn't have to happen if they didn't allow it.  So many of these black preachers and gospel artists are so hungry for money, they seem to idolize the Crouch's and TBN.  We often would hear a lot of them say, 'thank God for Paul and Jan', when he and possibly his wife were connected to the underworld and the white power movement all along.  This is why today's black church is so messed up, we've got a lot of mega ministries getting rich off of going on these christian networks, but behind the scenes all the founders care about is them bringing in money for them.

A lot of you Christians prayed for Paul Crouch to be healed, but it couldn't happen, if he was connected to the white supremacists, dealing drugs, gunning and the mafia.   TBN brings in millions, probably billions of dollars and many of you black preachers of mega ministries, probably know how they got it too.  Let us assure you God's is going to get you for depending on some mess like this to build your mega ministries.  Many of you black gospel artists and famous preachers of the mega ministry movement who were close to the Crouch's knew about this mess, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.   For years, many of you famous preachers would go on TBN and raise money on their 'Praise-a-thon', or whatever they call it, and the founder allegedly was up to no good, all along.   A lot of you are going to fry in hell unless you repent.   Furthermore, many of you have read previous testimonies on this blog about people who have visited hell.  No wonder some of them claim to have seen some pastors down there pleading to give back all the money they stole through tithes and offerings from people.  A lot of you gospel artists and black preachers have been a part of a modern day slave movement for years, but as long as you were bringing in millions through TBN, you didn't care.   Now, look at how all the dirt is coming out from the FBI files.

FBI Files Link Christian TelevangelistsTo Mafia, Gun Running, Narcotics, White Supremacy!

Lord have mercy, I’m flabbergasted by this news. Unbelievable! co-founder of...Read full article, here.
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