Sunday, May 29, 2011

Anita Wooten-Francis Fired for Praying in Brooklyn School

It's very horrible that this woman of God was fired for not only praying in school, but just for the fact of being a child of God.   God told us in His Word we would be persecuted and He acknowledges each and every situation with face that tries to separate from the love of God.   When we are persecuted like Anita Wooten-Francis, the trial only reveal how close in a relationship with are to Jesus Christ and it does not matter that Satan does not like it.

Anita Wooten-Francis of Brookly, NY. was fired for praying on her job.  She was an assistant teacher for a special education school and has dealt with her experience of being harassed for being a Christian since 2004.  Principal George Andrews told her she was going to have to stop praying in his school, according to

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