Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bishop Eddie Long's Case Has Ended In Settlement

If you have been following the story on our sister site,, you will realize that it has been a very long time since the story, regarding Bishop Eddie Long's misconduct  in his ministry at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church shocked the nation with four allegation lawsuits from four young men who claim he sexually molested them.   The Bishop managed to pay off all four of his alleged victims and settled their claims behind doors.   Both attorneys have agreed that both parties cannot ever speak about this case of sexual allegations, ever again and their cases were dismissed with prejudice.

We cannot understand why the case was dismissed with prejudice, because each and every last one of those alleged victims should have been able to discuss their past molestations with Bishop Eddie Long to release their emotional pain.   Is seems like they will be in some sort of emotional slavery for the rest of their lives.   Bishop Long got off easy in the eyes of the public, but-in the eyes of God, he will not get off easy unless he repents and no longer ever involves himself with any sort of homosexual relationships with either young boys or even grown men.

Let us continue to pray not only for all four of these alleged young men who brought their cases against Bishop Eddie Long, but also for Bishop Eddie Long that he finds peace and fully submits his mind, heart and soul to God.   We do not want Bishop Eddie Long to be lost, eternally, but we desire for Bishop Eddie Long to make it to heaven without ever having to look back on his past flaws and sins.

Visit for more details on Bishop Eddie Long

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