Saturday, May 28, 2011

God's Expectancy of Men and Women To Be Holy

What does it mean to be holy?   It means for you to live a lifestyle of holiness, a part from the world.  In this wicked age, God is calling for each and every last one of us to be holy and that is in mind body and soul.   Many so-call Pentecostal churches who claim they are full gospel, are no longer holy and pastors, bishops and evangelists, no longer preach righteousness.   It is sort of like a household with parents and children and as you know in most households, children are ruling their parents, these days; therefore, in the a lot of full gospel churches, members are ruling their pastors, simply because rather than to lose tithes and offerings, they would rather spoil their souls, even if it means opposing God's commandments in His Word.  God is angry, because leaders are not taking their positions they claim they have been called to hold.   In the 21st Century, God will reveal his wrath not just against America, but all other nations who ignore His authority.

God is a loving God, but if men and women refuse to obey Him, he gets angry, because they are not loving Him back.   For too long, God has been taken advantage of, by people who want to live their lives how they want to live it, not how God wants them to live it.   Many ministers have coward spirits today and they will not tell congregants they should live holy, not only for money, but also for recognition.  Yes, these preachers who are guilty and are so caught up on recognition, they are scared to be hated, so they would rather be liked by fans, instead of doing what God requires of them.   
Rebellion is taking control in the souls of many people in the church, because they refuse to seek God's approval, but rather seek the world's approval.  The Bible instructs each and every soul to be holy: 'Be Ye Holy for I am Holy' (I Peter 1:16).   Members of the church who wants their pastor's approval on sin, are many times, the ones who give a lot of tithes and offerings.   These pastors and any other sort of preacher, live off of what is given to their ministry, so they refrain from making their wealthy members unhappy while preaching out of God's Word.   They spoil these members who are hypocrites.  What are hypocrites? Hypocrites are those who say they are a Christian, but they are sinning while displeasing God.  Hypocrites live double lives and do not have clean souls.   Hypocrites say they love God, but please the Devil.   Hypocrites are those who live according to the ways of the world.   We see it in our and hear it in our gospel music and see it in gospel music artists' concerts, we see it in our conferences and even on a Sunday morning when we go to get a Word from the Lord, in a night club atmosphere.  We cannot live double lives and expect to make it to heaven.   Therefore, if men and women are not holy, then how in the world do they expect for their children to be holy?   As a parent, how can you expect for your child to obey you, when you tell them it is wrong to be gay or lesbian?   This is why we are seeing and hearing about children who are coming out of the closet as homosexuals.   Parents are not living holy lives.   Their minds are like children and so children get an understanding who is in control and it is not their parents.   Satan begins to move into the household, because there has been no example of pure holiness.   

How can you say you are holy and righteous and you look, act, dress and even talk like the world?   You even see this sort of carnality with famous preachers and these are the biggest hypocrites.   They preach it is wrong to look holy (for women to keep their dresses down and bosoms covered and for men to keep their pants up), claiming that God is not concerned about appearance.   Yes, he is.  God is very concerned about appearance.   Once we come a part of the body of Christ, he wants us to show the light of Jesus Christ.  For instance, an ex-prostitute should not look a prostitute once she is saved and delivered from selling her body.   An ex-homosexual should not look like a homosexual, if he or she has been delivered from homosexuality.   Therefore, there ought to be a standard of dress code as well as strict regulations in the way we conduct ourselves, so the world will know what it is to be clean and how wonderful it is to be different.

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