Friday, June 3, 2011

Are Your Children Controlling Your House, But You Are A Christian

Do you consider yourself a Christian, but you allow your children to rule your household?   If so, is it because you feel you have no control or are you afraid of your own children?   As a born again Christian, you should not allow your children to rule your household, it does not matter if it is one or ten children.   Also, fear should never be the reason, they are taking charge.   Most likely, they do not pay rent, bills or buy food and even if they did, God did not make them the parent, He made you the parent, so you can have leadership in your own household and raise your children with the fear and respect for God and to honor you and not rebel.

God did not give you children, so they could have rule over you.   He gave them to you so that you can show them love and teach them about His Son, Jesus Christ.  Children are an indeed gift from God, but-how can you enjoy them, if they have been controlled by a demonic force?  Where does the demonic force come from?   Satan uses certain things children may watch on television, the books they read or even the children they play with (who are being raised in a demonic atmosphere) to manipulate and control your child.  Evil is real and it comes from Satan who works through people who are creating things for him to torment you and your family, so if your child has been a living nightmare, this is possibly the reason why: he, she or they are being led by Satanists who may control the media or their friends and classmates who are being raised in a Satanic environment.   
If you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but you have allowed your children to steal your happiness, all because of their rebellion and resentment against you, then you need to pray daily and call on the name of Lord for Him to step in and control the demonic force in your home that has been controlling your children.   Because do you not know, when your children rebel, they are disrespecting God?   God gave you to them as a parent and they must yield to God, after you speak against each and every demon that has tried to come against you in your own house.   
It is time for change in Godly families, no longer should you bow down to what your kids expect, but you should bow down to Jesus Christ and ask Him to direct you and to control your child's mind, soul and spirit and to do what He expects.   Fast and pray, anoint your walls with blessed olive oil and cast out the demons in your house.   While praying to God and commanding demons into submission to God, you must approach your children and tell them where your position is, in your home.   Make them pray with you on a daily basis.   Begin to create rules and regulations in your household, such as: they cannot watch anything they want to on television, they hang out with any sort of friends they desire, they cannot date unless God has appointed you to allow them to do so at the right age and they cannot read any sort of books and play any type of music.   It is your house, thus saith the Lord and your children must bow down to Jesus Christ once He is in control.   Have faith that your child's attitude will get better, do not give up on him, her or them.   Trust God that He will handle your children and will be behind you every step of the way as you take your natural position as the leader of your household.

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