Friday, June 17, 2011

Bishop Eddie Long: Black Mothers Stop Depending on Gay or Down Low Preachers to Counsel Your Sons

Especially in the black church, single black mothers are left to raise children on their own and for years, they have took their sons to be mentored by gay preachers, whether they be Pentecostal, Baptist or even Methodist; sons have been molested by these pedophiles many times who are in the closet and even the ones who are out as gay men.  We are in an era where we have a lot of churches who are condoning homosexuality.  If you desire for your son to grow up and be a man, stop depending on these so-call preachers to mentor your son.  This is what happened in Bishop Eddie Long's case, for years, he was a mentor to many teenage boys and even younger than that and although he was married, his secrets caught up with him.   So, no matter how popular these ministers are or how much money they have, do not depend on them to help you raise your son.   God did not give you a son for him to be violated by a child molester and a hypocrite in the pulpit.  This has been going on for years and it is time to put a stop to it.  

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God has not left you all by yourself, although your husband has walked out on you and although the father of your son may have been your boyfriend, he was not going to stay with you, because he did not marry you.   However, you cannot look at your circumstances and think it is too hard to raise your son(s) without a father, so you will turn him over to your pastor, so he can turn out right.  You cannot trust that.  Just because your pastor maybe married, it does not mean he is not attracted to young boys.   There are a lot of family men who have been on the down low while preaching against homosexuality.   However, you cannot trust the the ones who are family men or even single men.  You can only trust God, because you do not know what is in the minds and souls of these preachers who appear to be good men.   

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Nowadays, we have gay affirming churches.  We are not saying they will molest your child, but you have no business in that sort of church.  What are you doing in a gay affirming church that condones same sex relationships.  You know that is wrong according to the Word of God, so if you are expecting your son to grow up and be a man, that is an even worse atmosphere to have him (or her) in.  You must be right in your own spirit and then, ask God how you should raise your son.   It may seem difficult, but allow God to fix you up for a Godly man to rule your household, so that he can be a righteous stepfather to your son.   Do you realize you are not doing right when you turn your child over to a complete stranger?   It does not matter how long your pastor has ministered to you and your family, he is still a stranger, because you do not know him or live with him.  Mothers, you must start looking at reality, young men have been sexually violated for many years by these so-call men of God and most of the times, it has been because mothers have depended on them to raise their sons, that is something that has caused young boys to grow up weak.  How can any boy grow up to be a strong man once he has been molested by a so-call man of God or any other pedophile?   You need to ask yourself, because in the era, we should not be seeing a lot of black boys talking and walking like girls.  We should be seeing them play football and dating girls in their teen years and even when they are younger they should be seeking God, not following a trend of homosexuality.   

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Another thing, you mothers hanging out with your sissified sons like they are your girlfriends, God is not pleased and you should repent, because it is not only these down low pastors molesting your sons, it has been you who are fascinating with effeminate men that has ruined your sons manhood.

Note: By now, although Bishop Eddie Long has possibly made it right with God, we still must make our point, because if he was guilty of molesting all four of those young men, he has somewhat ruined them for life unless God heals them.  Therefore, we must still discuss this matter, so mothers will no longer allow this sort of situation to happen.

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