Friday, June 24, 2011

Does Bishop Paul Morton Have a Right to Publicly Rebuke Bishop Eddie Long?

Absolutely not, Bishop Paul Morton does not have a right to rebuke, humiliate or speak out against Bishop Eddie Long, because he has nothing to do with Bishop Long's past sex scandal, which he most likely already asked God to forgive him for by now.  Bishop Paul Morton needs to repent himself, because it seems like he is enjoying Bishop Long not being so popular, lately and he has made mockery of him paying off the four young victims.  Furthermore, Bishop Morton's past sex scandal in his own New Orleans ministry at Greater St. Stephens Full Gospel Baptist Church has been forgotten about, but God has not forgotten about it, if Morton has not repented for avoiding to speak with the mother of the young accuser who his late choir director molested, Phillip Burton.  So, his public speech ridiculing Bishop Long is nothing more than a cover up of his own past sins and possibly more we are not aware of.  The audio can be heard at website.   Isn't God hurt about Bishop Paul Morton speaking to Bishop Eddie Long before his congregation as though he is beneath him?  Yes indeed, and God does not put Bishop Morton above Bishop Eddie Long and they both are subject to correction and chastisement by God.

The question is, why did Bishop Paul Morton, his wife and church officials ignore the mother of the teenage boy who desired to speak with someone about being molested by the late Elder Phillip Britton who has allegedly died of AIDS in 2008?   Did they have the right to do so?   Not at all. Another question, who should be rebuking Bishop Paul Morton for publicly making a statement in 2001 through his then spokesperson, Angela Young saying Britton is innocent until proven guilty? He made this statement while refusing answer the phone calls and meet with the mother of the molested teen. And he had the audacity to complain that Bishop Eddie Long will not return his phone calls?  For what? 

Furthermore, it is not Christ like for Morton to say anything to Bishop Eddie Long instead of going to New Birth himself to confront him like a real man of God.
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