Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Former New Birth Members: God Did Not Call People To Be Slaves To Prosperity Preachers

In the 21st century, there are many prosperity preachers who are pastors of mega ministries who think of themselves superior.  Since the Eddie Long scandal, one of his good friends has spoken out while scolding former members of New Birth M. B. C., claiming in so many words-that even if a minister sexually molests his members, he is still called to preach and will make it to heaven; therefore, he is too ignorant to realize that God has the last say and does not even know there has been witnesses who actually saw ministers burning in hell, even for stealing money through tithes and offerings.  It was not just one case against Bishop Eddie Long, but there four and possibly more.   You cannot keep people against their will or insinuate for them to remain under an abusive pastor, that is a crime and Eddie Long and his good friend should be arrested.   Eventually, there is an article coming up at AToast2Wealth.com, regarding Bishop Eddie Long's good friend enslaving his former members who left New Birth, because of his sexual immorality.   There needs to be an investigation against Creflo Dollar trying to enslave people who felt free to leave Bishop Eddie Long's church, according to a video that will be seen at AToast2Wealth.com.   Shame on Dollar for trying to take freedom from away from people.  Shame on Dollar for trying to keep people against their will at New Birth.   Everything you will read about what Dollar said on the You Tube video at AToast2Wealth.com will reveal that he and Eddie Long have been operating cults, not ministries guided under the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Creflo Dollar is seen as a bully in the pulpit, making former members of New Birth feel like inferior to Eddie Long, as though God did not give them a mind to think for themselves and they had no right to be led by the Holy Spirit to leave.   For so long, Creflo Dollar has been called a false prophet.   Now, we really believe it, Creflo Dollar is not a man of God, because God never gave a minister the right to persecute those who felt they were imprisoned in a ministry under a pastor who sexually molested young men.   God never assigned a minister to bully parishioners as they they are inferior and do not have any rights and the minister is superior.   Creflo Dollar was already a false prophet for stealing money from poor people, now he is revealing he is even more a false prophet, because he is trying to enslave former members of New Birth.   That is what child abusers do to children and abusive husbands do to their battered wives, they make them feel bad for getting away from all of the abuse.  The church has been doing that for years, mistreating people because they have left and refused to be under a ministry that has a history of all sorts of abuse: sexual, physical, emotional and verbal abuse, child molestation, rape and these days, prostitution with all of the money made from the hip hop industry, women and girls dressing like harlots.  And for Dollar to have the audacity to say that ministers will make it to heaven, no matter what they do, is sickening.   All of his flock who were cheering him on, are similar to the 900 followers who died in the Jim Jones massacre, they are mentally ill, because they have no minds for themselves and they are idolizing Creflo Dollar and not God.  The same for all of the New Birth members who remain under Bishop Long's ministry, they are idolizing him and not worshiping God.
God never called anyone who enjoys living a double life, instead of doing right.   Creflo Dollar's message was perverted and it seems as though he places a child molester above those who were molested by Bishop Eddie Long by bullying former members of his church to go back, which is like pushing the children of Israel back to King Pharaoh.   Dollar even raged in the pulpit against those who flocked to his church from New Birth, yelling he did not want them there and Bishop Long is his brother; he is only his brother, because he does not like Long losing millions of dollars through tithes and offerings.   If Bishop Eddie Long was a pastor of a small church, he would not be defending him.
Furthermore, Creflo Dollar had no concern for how former members may have been mistreated, he only gave credit to Bishop Eddie Long, claiming that he was good to them and was the cause of them having a very successful life, that's a lie, because many were deceived and left out in the cold, homeless, all because Long did not help them and his workers would tell people there was nothing New Birth could do for them, because they did not give thousands of dollars in offerings; there is a former employee who admitted that is how the entire New Birth organization is, they refuse to help people who have nothing.   So, Dollar's words are a lie, Bishop Eddie Long just stood up in the pulpit as a celebrity, not as a man of God.    And for four men to come forward and say Long molested them as teens is definitely not a man of God neither was his lust appropriately representing God's Kingdom.   All Dollar did showed when he was going off, fussing and bullying for Bishop Eddie Long is that he is a pimp, a slave master, a bully and a false prophet.
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Real soon, do not be surprised if Creflo Dollar is next to lose his congregation, all because he is showing who is really is behind closed doors, no doubt a person who is attracted to the same sexual perverted things like Bishop Eddie Long, possibly.   We also see that for so long, Creflo Dollar has been able to earn millions of dollars, although his wife, Taffi Dollar seems to be butch.   Not ever a time have we noticed her being feminine behind the pulpit, no real man is attracted to a woman like that.  Her hair maybe long, but her spirit is not ladylike. 

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