Friday, June 10, 2011

My Husband Wants to Make Our Church Gay Affirming, But I Do Not Agree

This article is dedicated to all of the righteous first ladies, all over America who oppose homosexuality.   We pray for all of the pastors and their wives who are having marital problems, because of gay affirming spirits taking dominion in churches.  Although, there are many married men who preach righteousness behind the pulpit, we do realize they were just waiting for a President like Barack Obama, so that they could come out of the closet and change their churches to the acceptance of same sex sin, so they will get tithes and offerings from the successful homosexual community.   However, we would hope that there are first ladies that would not stoop so low to accept her husband's decision, because if she does, any man could take the pastor as his partner and leave her all, alone.  It has actually happened.

As a first lady who is holy, righteous, virtuous, and always submissive to her husband, what happens when you discover your man is follower and not a leader?   What happens when he comes out of the closet, since President Obama has made an announcement that he supports same sex marriages and the entire LGBT community?  Read this carefully, God never forgets about first ladies who are diligent in seeking Him, he is faithful to you, because you are holy.   Because God abides in you, you do not have to settle for less, you can always bring up the issue before a marriage counselor who is an overseer over your church or just a close friend and confident of the family who is a good spiritual leader and tell your husband you still honor him as the head of the church, your marriage and household, but you do not think God agrees with him being a follower instead of a leader.  Then, explain the obvious reason you feel he has not been led by God, but led by his flesh to do what feels good to him and the people who may join your church based on his leniency.   Honestly, let him know God is not pleased, then allow the pastor who is counseling you and your husband pray over your marriage and then, request that the church is prayed over, including your home.  When your husband ask you why didn't you come to him without a counseling session, let him know, because he has not shown his obedience under God's expectations, you did not think it was wise to confront him in a hostile way, but only in a Godly fashion.   That way, you are honestly showing him that God is above his leadership and he cannot make the church gay affirming without God having any say.  You are also showing him that you are not only married to him, but you are married to God, first and God is taking record of what was said between the two of you.

A gay affirming church would do nothing but cause conflict in your marriage with all the lust among gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and trans-gender  congregation.   If you want to maintain your marriage, never give into your husband gay affirming choice, you will lose your husband.  God said to obey your husband, He never said be stupid and so submissive you cannot admit what you do not agree with.  Furthermore, since you are the protector of your children, you should have the right to choose what sort of people you want them around and homosexuals in the church would not be wise, especially if you want natural grandchildren.

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