Monday, June 6, 2011

Once You Get Saved From Homosexuality, Can You Still Have Gay Friends?

A lot of reformed homosexuals may not remained redeemed from the gay or lesbian lifestyle, if they are not willing to give up their gay friends.  The answer is absolutely no, you cannot still have gay friends while remaining saved from homosexuality.  Once you get saved, you must leave those friends behind, because you are now connected with Jesus Christ, no longer living a sinful life of same sex affiliations.   Those friends must fully surrender to God, in order for you to be friends with them or else they could pull you back into homosexuality.  Therefore, if you are really finished with the gay lifestyle, you must cut off anything or anyone that may lure you back into your old ways.

You have got to get tired of the way things used to be and you cannot be willing to please your old friends, rather than to please God.   Who died on the cross for you?   Jesus Christ or your former gay friends?   Jesus Christ or the gay community?   Jesus Christ was the only one who carried the holy cross, endured insults, being spit on and made mockery of and hung on that cross just for you, you cannot ever forget what Jesus did for you.   Your former homosexual friends did not give you life, so you must not give them your friendship instead of choosing to be friends with Jesus Christ.  You must either choose Jesus Christ or the evil ways of this world.   If you do not choose Jesus Christ and place your gay friends before Him, do not expect for Him to be there for you when you get sick or left alone when your friends reveal their evil ways.  It is not fair for you to only accept Jesus and follow His ways, only when you need Him.  Choose Jesus Christ instead of your past homosexual friends that did not give you life.   God is not going to beg you to let go of your friends.   How bad do you want His Son in your life?   In our prior article, we gave you scriptures against homosexuality.   So, that is your answer, you cannot have friends that are living the way you used to be, it is either righteousness or sin.   Choose ye this day whom you will serve. -Joshua 24:15

Also, once you become saved, you do not violate God's holy temple by taking company with former acquaintances of your old life.  This scripture explains you do not put old wine into new bottles.  -Matthew 9:17 

How do you feel when you have a friend who hang around people who betray you?  Not good, right?   So, it is the same way with God, He feels betrayed when you hang around your old friends who won't accept Him and leave homosexuality alone or they are hypocrites, claiming they are His while lying that He agrees with their same sex relationships.   Think about it, God feels very bad when you think you can be a Christian, but have the same friends who ignores or disagrees with His Word that says homosexuality is a sin. When you remain with those gay friends, you are offending God.

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