Saturday, June 11, 2011

Should Creflo Dollar Resign As Pastor of World Changers?

As you know, Pastor Creflo Dollar bullied the former members of New Birth for leaving, after Bishop Eddie Long settled his lawsuit, allegedly over $25 million dollars, split between four plaintiffs.   We do not know if you heard Not Your Typical Negro's video that taped Dollar raging at the former members of New Birth Missionary baptist Church, but it was very ugly and it was uploaded at our sister site,   Creflo Dollar came off as a gangster, you know the type of mobsters that run the drug cartels and murder people.   He used God as though He understood Bishop Eddie Long molesting young men who at the time were teenagers, by making an excuse that simply, he fell.   He placed Bishop Eddie Long's guilt on his members as though he had the right to blame them.   Creflo Dollar not only came across as a bully, but also a slave master, by publicly threatening the former members as though they are nothing.
We desire for Creflo Dollar to permanently step down, not only from World Changers, but the ministry, all together.   For this reason, no man or woman of God has the right to bully anyone.   For many years has prospered off of tithes and offerings, just like Bishop Eddie Long for too long.   It would be very wise for Creflo Dollar to step down, because he tried to control the minds of those who felt led by the Spirit of God, refusing to remain in a church that has a pastor that did not fight like David, instead he gave in as though he was guilty of molesting all four of those young men.  Creflo Dollar is not a man of God, he is a false prophet, who is profiting off of his followers' hard earned money.   He went too far bullying those former members of Bishop Eddie Long's Church.  How dare he talk to them as though they are lower than scums of the earth.  Those members are not to be treated as though they are beneath Dollar or Bishop Eddie Long.   As the body of Christ, we do not need false prophets like Creflo Dollar misrepresenting God's Kingdom and acting as though God loves Bishop Long than his alleged victims, acting as though God loves both of them as though they are superior like white slave masters and acting as though people cannot make their own decisions.   Creflo Dollar not only needs to step down, World Changers needs to be closed and reopened as a homeless shelter, so homeless people can have warmth, shelter, food, and be fed spiritual food from a real man or woman of God.  
Instead of showing off, raging against the members who made the decision to leave Bishop Eddie Long's church, Creflo Dollar should have been taking care of the poor and needy.  Instead of making an announcement that God will send Bishop Eddie Long to heaven, even though he had sex with young (teenage) men, he should have been taking care of God's Kingdom by just preaching the Word of God, not speaking out about Bishop Long's bad choices and taking sides with him.   Taffi Dollar needs to follow him out of the pulpit, because she has not been right by sharing the wealth.   The reason by Creflo Dollar was speaking out in a domineering way, is simply because he feels as though he is superior.   However, what does God say about the way he carried on in the pulpit while raging at the former members of New Birth?  God is not pleased.

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