Monday, June 27, 2011

What Happens To Gay Affirming Ministers, After They Die and Want to Escape Hell

We want every last one of gay affirming pastors, bishops, ministers and their church members to answer this very important question, because according to the Word of God, once a soul goes to hell, he or she can never escape.  It will be everlasting too late, so we want you to take this article as serious as possible, because we are living in a day and age when people desire to be gay or lesbian so much, they have accepted a lie, God accepts homosexuality.  We have heard testimonies of people who have died and witnessed homosexuals screaming and pleading with Jesus Christ to escape eternal hell and damnation.   Go to Spirit lessons and hear it for yourself at the end of this article, but first we want you to think about what you are doing to yourself as a gay affirming minister or even a church member, you are risking your soul into eventually being in a place of torment to where you will never get out.

Your average response when a person tells you it is wrong to be gay is, God loves people just the way they are.  Yes, he does, but he does not like or love everything they do and He has told us time and time again, even those who lay their bed in hell, He loves them.  However, they are in hell, because they did not love God enough to obey His rules and regulations, whether they were professed salvation or not.

God says as a minister, hell is going to burn much worst for you, if you did live according to His will, teach everything He told you to teach or do what He told you to do.  You should fully submit, because God has placed you in a position as a leader and you must be a positive example and influence people the way Jesus would do; He would never proclaim salvation while agreeing with their sin, although he loved sinners while He was on earth.

What are you going to do when you life comes to and end and you find out it is not the end?   Hell is a real place and it does exist.  God loves people, but if you refuse to obey any of His commandments, He will allow you to go to hell, if you make your choice to be there.   Why?  Simply, because you did not love Him in return and turn away from sin.  You must show God how much you love Him, by turning your back on sin and there is no compromise, ever.   When you hear these testimonies of those who died and went to hell, not just for homosexuality, but also for other sins, you will hear them plead with Jesus Christ to let them out of there and he cries at times when He responds, no.  He informs them that they had to obey His Word as they lived and they did not do so, so they must remain in hell, eternally.

So, answer this question after you listen to these testimonies, what are you going to do as a gay affirming minister, church member or just a person who does not go to church who believes it is okay to be gay or lesbian?   God is giving you a chance to repent and turn away from your evil deeds, but if you refuse to change, you will remember this article how we forewarned you in love to turn your life around and dedicate it to Jesus Christ and completely live for Him.  You cannot live for Him and be gay, lesbian, bisexual or be a trans-sexual, because He did not create us to be that way.   

Listen to Mary K. Baxter's testimony of how she heard and has seen homosexuals among other sins burning in hell and damnation, here (Mary K. Baxter's testimony).

Listen to the 7 youths who went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ and saw homosexuals among other sinners burning in everlasting torment, here (7 Youth who went to hell). 

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