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A Warning To Preachers: You Must Teach The Entire Word of God, No Adding nor Subtraction

More than once, God forewarns ministers of the gospel not to subtract from His Word.   No man nor woman of God has a right to remake the Word of God into their own opinion.   This is a very serious matter, because souls are involved.   If you preach just to satisfy people and make them feel good, you will be held accountable for doing so, for there have been people who have died and went to hell and came back with a testimony to forewarn preachers that Jesus said the fire in hell was much worst for ministers who comprise the Word of God.   True saints of God, if you are under a pastor or a bishop who you realize if compromising God's Word, then you have the authority to cease his or her church.  Remember this, God never compromises His Word and we are expected to follow each and every commandment to please Him and only Him.   Therefore, all of you ministers who are saying wrong is right and right is wrong will burn in hell, because God gave you the authority to have a position to guide people into righteousness and you are responsible.

These are the scriptures for you preachers who have taught it is okay to be a homosexual and lying on God, telling people God also understands if you change your sex.   Take heed and change the way you have been preaching, thus saith the Lord.  "Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish ought from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you (Deuteronomy 4:2).  Another one says: “Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it (Deuteronomy 12:32).”  Another one says: “For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book (Revelation 22:18-19).”

There are many ministers who have been going against God's Word and this article has been written for those of you who are even guilty of following them.  We will present a list of people who are in danger of judgment, thus saith the Lord.

Bishop Yvette Flunder (lesbian and gay affirming minister), she has been preaching the wrong doctrine for years and it does not matter to God, if she comes from a family of COGIC dignitaries.  Her late grandfather and uncle (yet living) have held a very prestigious position in the Church of God in Christ and because of that, this woman has used their power as her own to affirm homosexuality.   If she and her so-call wife, Shirley Miller do not change, they will not be able to escape eternal hell and damnation, thus saith the Lord.   God has been tired of this woman's evil ways for years and she has not yielded to His Will.  God is going to send judgment on her for compromising his word.  She has violated God's commandments and God says she is in so much trouble for using her relatives powerful position to entice those with her false gospel.  God is going to send wrath on her, her partner and her flock. She, like the one who died last year who she claims allegedly influenced her in the life of homosexuality, Bishop Walter Hawkins has been ignoring scriptures that oppose homosexuality for a very long time and God is not pleased.  Some of the following names have been workers of iniquity who have followed this female and her circle of Satanic associates and not God.

Bishop Carlton Pearson is in deep trouble with God.  He has been preaching the sick Gospel of Inclusion long enough.   God's wrath is coming upon Carlton Pearson.   He was always arrogant while standing in his prestigious position as a so-call man of God, so this was our first warning that he was not necessarily called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.   He is a false prophet and he will regret teaching the Gospel of Inclusion when He opens His eyes up in hell and he will never be able to escape, thus saith the Lord.  Those who believe his lie that there is no hell or Satan will get the worst shock when they open their eyes up in hell for placing this man above God. Pearson, along with his wife Gina do not even realize how angry God is with the both of them.    God is so angry, but He has been waiting for the Pearson's to turn their lives around and repent.  He has been waiting on this husband and wife team to tell the truth about His Word and inform people that there is a hell and there is a battle with Satan for souls to end up eternally in his place for them: hell, fire and brimstone.  It is not understood why he and his wife Gina remain married, if they both agree with homosexuality.  You see how twisted they are?

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Bishop O. C. Allen is the pastor of a gay affirming ministry called, Vision Church of Atlanta.  He is a gay affirming minister and has been misleading people into hell.   On his Myspace page, he says he is gay and married.  God is not pleased with this man, because he has a flock from young to old and he has tricked them into believing you can be holy and gay.  God's wrath is coming against this man and it will be horrible when he faces Satan and his demons, if he does not repent.  He and Flunder have been having conferences as though they are preaching holiness while affirming homosexuality.
Tonex, child of Apostolic Pentecostal father who passed on.  Tonex disrespected his father's memory in the media and had the audacity to take on his father church.  He is a gay affirming minister and has been playing both sides, claiming to be a child of God, but has been on Satan's territory for a very long time.  He has had fun showing off as a cross dresser music artist, at times.  He preaches as though he has the anointing of God, but he is an openly gay man and very hostile and unforgiving toward his father who, Tonex claims embarrassed him in front of the church, after he told his parents he was gay.  He lives his life to please his flesh and not God.

Jay Bakker, the son of Jim and Tammy Faye Baker. In a previous article, Baker made an excuse of why he approves homosexuality.  He whines in the media about black people not accepting homosexuality, the race from ancestors who were enslaved in this country.  He is always looking for attention and broke down in a gay affirming church about his gay friends whom he cares about.

Rob Bell who has been preaching the Gospel of Inclusion to over 7,000 followers each Sunday and lying to the world in a book, claiming there is no hell.  God is very angry with this man and he is reprobated like others on this list.  If he does not change, he is going to get the worst shock of his life and Satan will be laughing in his face.

Dr. Kenneth Samuel of Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Allegedly, this gay affirming pastor made an example that people eat pork and it wrong; so, why can't people be a gay?   Previously, residents could see he and his wife on billboards around the city, but now he is obviously no longer with his wife, because her name is off his church website.   Samuel is cunning in his ministry and persuades people in the wrong path to hell, because he is an activist and has a position as a leader with the NAACP.  He also is running for state representative.   This pastor is on his way to hell and don't even know it.

Jim Swilley has recently came out of the closet as a gay man and since then losing a lot of his church members.   He church has went into foreclosure.  He admitted his wife knew for years, but they both were like the television characters, Will and Grace living together.   Jim Swilley claims he has been suppressing his sexuality for a long time.  Swilley is related to the late Bishop Earl Paulk.  Think about it, where did Paulk go, if he did not repent for molesting several women in his church?   Jim Swilley is on his way to the same place as his uncle, if he does not repent.   

Swilley's cousin, Donnie Earl Paulk who is the son and nephew of the late Bishop Earl Paulk is a gay affirming minister who has a congregation of mostly African Americans.  Although, he is from a twisted background of being the son of a man who slept with his sister in-law, Paulk is without excuse and he will have to give an account for preaching the wrong gospel and compromising God's Word.  Jay Bakker was at this man's church, glaring down at the black parishioners, making comments that he could not understand those who have a history of slavery in this country, not agreeing with homosexuality.

There is a whole lot more gay affirming ministers who are in deep trouble with God for adding and subtracting from his Word.  The only good thing is, they have time to say yes to God's will and yes to His way, but the sad part, they may never change and when each one of them dies and be cast into hell with Satan and his demons, they will never be able to escape.  They cannot say, no one forewarned them to change.  Furthermore, just decided to give you some recognized names to inform you of how important it is for ministers to strictly preach God's Word and give His commandments. 

Watch Jaye Bakker use psychology at Donnie Earl Paulk's church, the most famous trick of the Devil, making an oppressed race feel guilty of not agreeing with sin.  Those who remained at Grace Church, after they heard this false gospel will be facing God's judgment, because that was their warning to leave this gay affirming church, right then and there.

photo courtesy: unaids.org
photo courtesy: newblackman.blogspot.com

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