Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Are Christians Suppose to Agree With Homosexuality Just To Show Love?

You know, these days there are many born again believers who are lost and for some odd reason think they are obligated to ignore biblical scriptures that oppose homosexuality in order to show love to gays and lesbians, they are very wrong.   God wants us as His children to obey His Word, not ignore everything we are taught in order to reveal our love to sinners (homosexuals).  Therefore people in today's church are going to hell by the thousands everyday, all because they believe one of the most popular lie, which is a wicked sort of guilt the gay and lesbian community has placed on true born again believers.   God would never enslave or enforce His children to accept wrong just to prove we love everybody.

If you are a true child of God, you should have enough of this modern day philosophy in today's contemporary church, which has left full gospel teachings that guided us into righteousness.   Never should you yield to the belief that is a myth from Satan and his demons that tell you, you do not love homosexuals just because you disagree with their lifestyle.  If you have started to believe it, for some reason your spirit was weakened and not focused on God and that is how Satan has moved into your spirit to place guilt on you and deceive you, the Devil is a lie.   We as children of God are not weak and there is no way Satan could ever or should be able to ever come into our spirits and make us believe his lies; if  so, we will die and go to eternal hell and damnation with the homosexuals. 

This is why the forefathers of this country created freedom of religion, not to be enslaved by the beliefs of mankind, but so that we can have a freewill to serve God Almighty.   These days, homosexuals seem to be the new slave master of America, they want you to turn your back on righteousness and yield to Satan's command.  We of Sanctified Church Revolution came to tell you, we are not to be controlled by Satan or his sidekicks, we are God's children who will not be enslaved to the homosexual community.   It is wrong to be gay, because our Word tells us it is wrong and we only follow God's Word, no one else philosophy.   God is the ruler of this universe and He will win over Satan's children and the gay and lesbian community will have to bow down and submit to God Almighty, because He is Lord and Master.   Eventually, the gay and lesbian community will have to repent, because they have tried to enslave the minds and spirits of people into believing that God's Word is wrong and Satan's tactics are right.

You so-call Christians who are bowing down to the trick of Satan spoken through the evil spirits of gay affirming ministers will have to give an account, because God's Word is right and you knew that before you turned away from God's Word.  Just like people cannot be Christian and gay, you cannot support the gay and lesbian community while claiming you are straight and you love God.  God's wrath will eventually come on you, if you do not repent.  You know you are not suppose to agree with homosexuality and you do realize you can show love and disagree with whatever God says is wrong.    

In conclusion, God's children are leaders not followers of this evil world.

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