Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bishop Carlton Pearson: Children of The Pentecostal Church Are Responsible and Will Be Held Accountable for Today's Gospel of Inclusion

A lot of descendants of the Pentecostal church, whether they grew up in the Church of God in Christ, Apostolic, Full Gospel Baptist or any other holiness church are responsible for how they are misleading today's church into a Gospel of Inclusion movement.   Why is today's church in rebellion against God's Word?  Simply, because at one point in the life these children of the holiness church began to rebel against their parents and against God.  They wanted to do things their way.   The scary thing about all of this is, these children who are now in the position of their parents as pastors, bishops and evangelists, are only preaching a false gospel, lying to people that is okay to sin and expect to make it to heaven.  The things the Pentecostal church used to be afraid of doing back in the earlier years, they are no longer afraid to do.  Church leaders are preaching that one can reason with God and yet be a part of His Kingdom, but God says not so.   Too many people are coming back with testimonies saying they have seen ministers in hell for not doing what God told them to do.  This may seem scary, but this walk with Jesus Christ is very serious and is not to be taken for granted.

The average saying in the church these days: 'it's a new day', 'we are trying to reach the young folks', 'it doesn't take all that', 'you can be like the world and still be saved', 'we can't reach the world and not mingle with them'...all these false statements are reasoning with God and He is angry and extremely tired of today's preachers thinking that they can compromise His Word to satisfy people and keep a huge number of members.   The average minister would rather keep members instead of saving souls and God is saying to change it the other way around now, before it is everlasting too late.   We cannot reason with God, His Word means what is says and there is no way out of it.   If we who are ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ truly love the Lord, then we would do right and preach His Word, the way He expects, not the way the secularized church expects it to be taught.   

Bishop Carlton Pearson is a frightening case, he is going on with his life preaching the Gospel of Inclusion as though God has permitted him to do so.  However, the testimonies we have heard of people who once preached the Word of God, but did not preach it right are never going to get another chance.  Interim, Pearson is proceeding on with his own philosophy that there is no hell or Devil.  How could this be, a child who grew up in a Pentecostal denomination?   How could the Church of God in Christ have a person to turn against God's Word before the world as though he is correct and the Bible is a lie?  How could this be?   Furthermore, Pearson is continuing on in the ministry promoting his Gospel of Inclusion which allegedly condones homosexuality with his wife Gina by his side; how could this be? How could this once powerful man who promoted Azusa on the campus of Oral Roberts University attract all races to unite under a Pentecostal movement and then, just decide to reason with God as though He is not a God of wrath, although He loves each and everyone of us?

How did the demonic spirits of homosexuality, prostitution and pimping in gospel music lure the body of Christ to compromise their spiritual walk with God in exchange for money?   One of the most frightening thing is this, these grown children once sat in a sanctified church and were taught to be different from the world, but somewhere in their lives when they became old enough to make decisions, they began to desire worldly affairs more than God and became reprobated.    They began to get ashamed of being seen and identified as sanctified and holy, which possibly occurred when we started witnessing a mainstream contemporary movement in the 1980's, sort of an evil seed that flourished into what it is today.  The contemporary movement was not just in the gospel and christian music industry, but this demonic force dominated in the pulpits and pastors began preaching to influence celebrities to gain the same sort of income they earned in the million dollar bracket.

These children will have to someday stand before God and give an account for their rebellion and then, when they realize they really made a mistake, it will be everlasting too late to get it right.  Why?   Too many souls chose to listen to them, instead of believing and following God's Word.  They knew better, they grew up in the Pentecostal church and were taught to be sanctified and not indulge in sin, but desired the world more than God.   Not just Bishop Carlton Pearson, but also Bishop Yvette Flunder and her so-call wife Shirley Miller, Tonex (B Slade), Jaye Bakker, Rev. Al Sharpton, Bishop T. D. Jakes, even Bishop Charles Blake who signed the same sex marriage act for President Barack Obama and the list goes on.


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