Saturday, July 30, 2011

How Can Homosexuals Get Saved In COGIC, Since Bishop Charles Blake Signed The Same Sex Marriage Declaration?

If you are a true child of God who knows the history of the oldest and largest African American denomination, ask yourself this question, 'how can gays and lesbians think anything is wrong with homosexuality, if the leader of COGIC supports the Same Sex Marriage Declaration?'   If you have a child who has been struggling with homosexuality and you are still a part of the Church of God in Christ, you cannot help but wonder if you should still belong to such a denomination who supported President Barack Obama's bill for gay marriage.   Children of God, you need to wake up, we are living in the last days, Bishop Charles Blake is not a man of God, but he is under the dominion of Satan.   Everyone knows, the founder of COGIC, late Bishop Charles Harrison Mason would not be pleased, if he was alive and no doubt, would make Bishop Charles Blake step down out of his position, regardless of this being the era of the 21st century.

We have children who are suppose to respect elders in the church and if they discover that an elder is opposing God's Word on the issue of homosexuality, then they will rebel when we tell them it is a sin to be gay.   It is time, to cease COGIC and start being better examples that leaders like Bishop Blake, obviously cannot be.   Our Bible, God's Word says it is wrong to be gay, so what gave Bishop Blake the audacity to sign the Human Rights Act for Gay Marriage?   Not one clergy member of COGIC is opposing Bishop Blake or even requesting that he steps down from his position.   Where is the standard of holiness and righteousness.   One of the scariest things to think about is this, there are a lot of COGIC followers who are not speaking out against Bishop Charles Blake's endorsement.  Maybe they are trying to respect him, but once a minister opposes God's Word, it is time to speak out against his or her wrongdoings and discontinue following him as the Sheppard.   What Bishop Charles Blake has done, is to make gay affirming pastors and bishops think they are okay with God and it will be more difficult for other COGIC leaders who oppose homosexuality to get gays and lesbians to turn away from sin, it is not fair to them and especially not fair to God.

The Church of God in Christ is now a rebellious organization.  If they have a leader like Bishop Charles Blake in charge to make decisions and give the Word of God, then-those who listen will become possessed by Satan, because he has offended God by signing the same-sex marriage declaration.   People will not be humble and husbands and wives will began to turn away from each other and turn toward the same sex, because there are no guidelines once the commandments in God's Word are ignored.   

There are too many people coming out of the closet as homosexuals, and even worst among them are descendants of the Church of God in Christ.  Those who are yet a part of COGIC who claim to be truly holy and righteous should either leave or recruit others to assist their message that Bishop Charles Blake should resign and apologize to parishioners for going against the Word of God, which opposes homosexuality.

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