Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rev. Al Sharpton: God Does Not Want Civil Rights, Only Advocate Righteousness in the 21st Century

This article is speaking to those who have been following civil rights leaders for years and you know it has done no good and things have not gotten better, all because God has been excluded from being the center of attention and sin has been condoned.  However, it is not just Rev. Al Sharpton that is falling for the lies of white gays and lesbians who control the homosexual community, it is also other various civil rights activists who are falling for the lie that is straight from Satan and his demons.   Satan has used that particular strategy to turn black folks or any other race from the Word of God that opposes homosexuality.   God is angry at civil rights activists who are being followers and not leaders.   It is puppets following the biggest puppet over this country, President Barack Obama and Rev. Al Sharpton is one of the main ones.   Rev. Al Sharpton is not a man of God, he is a worker of Satan and has been in rebellion against God.   God is going to send his wrath real soon and there will be nothing the black community can do to stop it, because He was a loving God to allow them freedom after enduring over 400 years of slavery, but now, since many have followed one of the biggest lies and defense the gay community uses today, God will no longer put up with civil rights movement, only those leaders who will preach and insist on righteousness for all races to follow, thus saith the Lord.   

Now, we can clearly see that all of the racial conflicts that has occurred in America has not really been about white and black issues, but it was the trick of Satan and his plan was to control the very race that was suppressed to come into submission to the gay and lesbian community, which is the alleged new slave master in America.  It seems as though they have used bullying as a way to push their beliefs off on those who were raised to oppose homosexuality, but now they are bullying the church, Latinos, African Americans and whomever else will fall for their game.   

The way Rev. Al Sharpton has used the excuse of his sister being a lesbian to condone homosexuality reveals he was never called to preach, but Sharpton has been used to by the Devil to always defend black people, whether they are right or wrong, whether they live for God or Satan.  Sharpton does not care, he has always cared about proving that white folks are the only real enemy, which hides the fact that the Devil has been behind white supremacists and their violent acts, the destruction of black people against their own race, Hispanics who destroy their own race, Latinos who have murdered black people in Los Angeles and other metropolitan cities, gang war between blacks and Hispanics and many other situations that  has destroyed peace in America.   It makes you wonder and ask yourself a very important question, now that the gay and lesbian community are using civil rights equal to the rights of racial issues and even biracial marriages, did God use the late Dr. Martin Luther King or was it Satan who used him as a tool to do what he has been orchestrating today, for homosexuals to dominate America and take the rights to believe in righteousness away from all races?

God does not want any more civil rights activists speaking out on any issues, because people are not willing to surrender and turn away from sin.   Historically, the subject of racial inequality in America was Satan's strategy to oppose God's Word that instructs us to turn away from same sex relationships.  It was a trick very the beginning when African Americans were forced onto the slave ship from Africa.   The Devil knew we would eventually have diversity in America from all of the demands that were made by the civil rights activists who were right to speak out against racism and slavery.  Therefore, he used white supremacy to control black people who would someday also bow down to the homosexual community and also fight for their rights.

Folks, God has been speaking for too long.  After the AIDS epidemic took many lives since 1981, it looks like black people along with homosexuals or any other race would have repented and bowed down to God by now, but no, they have been ruled by the same Satanic force that controlled the most stubborn tribe in history, the children of Israel.

Something is wrong with any so-call man or woman of God who goes against righteousness and tries to silent those who desire to live right and turn away from sin.   Many ministers like Rev. Al Sharpton are going to be destroyed for the rebellion they have spoke into an oppressed community, if they do not immediately repent.   Black people have complained and wondered why white people have been on top for so long without even realizing many of them were spiritually on an assignment by Satan to grasp them into hell along with all of their most of their tribe.   Civil rights is over and God demands that no more activists open up their mouths and complain about racism or any other problem, because when it was time to repent and turn away from sin, they rebelled and joined many descendants of the white slave masters who control the gay and lesbian community.  

We promise you, the worst slavery that many blacks and other races will face after death is in hell.  That is a place of eternal torment and those souls who did not obey God will never get out and escape,  because God was very patient and gave them time to repent, including Rev. Al Sharpton.

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