Friday, July 1, 2011

Too Many Unhappy Gays and Lesbians for There Not to Be a Deliverance Ministry

It is very disturbing to God that we have these gay affirming churches and pastors who only care about the homosexual community.  We need a deliverance ministry for the gays and lesbians that say, ' I do not want to be a homosexual anymore' or 'I want out of this same sex marriage'.   It is time for true men and women of God to stand up and open the doors to their churches and ministries to help deliver unhappy gays and lesbians.  Time is winding up and God is expecting righteous pastors, bishops and evangelists to reach out to people who was to be saved and delivered from homosexuality.   It is time to stop expecting to be accepted by the circle of ministers who are not doing right and start doing right by God and be satisfied He accepts you above anyone else.

If you are a ministry who has not been preaching and teaching right, opposing homosexuality and allow those who have been saved and delivered from the sin to stand up and give their testimony, then-you better start doing it now, because God is not pleased with ministries who ignore reformed homosexual's ministry.  The doors of your church need to be closed, permanently if you have been ignoring the deep issue of homosexuality that has not only destroyed the lives of many men and women who could have been set free and now are in eternal hell, fire and brimstone, but also those who are yet alive who want someone to minister to them when they feel suicidal from being gay, lesbian or even a trans sexual.  As a man or woman of God you are responsible and there are no excuses when you are a leader who represents the Kingdom of God.   When you come to the end of your life, what are you going to do, when God ask you 'why didn't you provide a ministry for people to escape homosexuality and allow those who have been set free from it'?

God is examining your life in the ministry and if you have not considered those who admit they have been delivered from homosexuality, you will be held accountable.  So what, if many ministers are becoming gay affirming, that is their problem and they will have to face judgment, someday.  However, what are you going to do in the ministry God has given you, are you to start paying more attention to those who desire to reach out to the church and be saved from homosexuality or are you one of those weak ministers who only care what your think about you?  If so, you are not close to Jesus Christ, because in order to be close to the Son of God, you must be willing to be persecuted, even if it means being persecuted by the church, your family or so-call friends.  There are too many unhappy gays and lesbians who seek to leave their same sex relationship or marriage, regardless of their children they may have adopted.   Your ministry is suppose to be equipped to consider the needs of those who are unhappy as homosexuals while the gay affirming churches are only caring and affirming the lifestyle of their gay and lesbian church members.

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