Tuesday, August 23, 2011

5.9 Earthquake Hits Near D. C., East Coast; 3 Hurricanes on the Way: Rebellion Against God's Word

How come every time something happens, people decide to call on God, but they never call on Him when everything is going good?  It does not surprise us that an Earthquake hit in D. C., near the nation's capitol and 3 hurricanes are on their way, possibly it is because President Barack Obama has agreed and supported homosexuality and many cities have moved forward to condone same sex marriage.   The president has supported gay marriages without considering how God feels about it and has no regard of Him disagreeing with it in His Word.   The answer for this natural destruction is simply rebellion against God, people from various sorts of backgrounds do not want to submit to God, almighty, that's the issue and it has been for many centuries.   People of God were even shocked that New York has supported gay marriages, after what happened in 9/11.   Folks, God is not pleased with the support of same sex marriage in this country and there are worst disasters on the way; therefore, this will not be the last.   This was once prophesied through a man of God, not to long ago, all sorts of disasters were on the way while God was going to shake up the church.

God has given this nation forewarning after warning and people have rebelled against His commandments.    God has always been near, but many people who have rebelled do not do what they are supposed to do.   It does not matter if it is in the world or within the church, people refuse to listen and take heed and bow down and respect to God's Kingdom.   God has been so good to those among the body of Christ who refuse to be different than the world and He has been so patient for them to change.   Same way for those outside of the church, God has been so loving and kind, but people out in the world on Satan's territory refuse to repent and give their souls to Him.  

All God has ever asked this world to do is obey His commandments.    Because of the rebellion, regarding His request do not be shocked of what you are witnessing now and what is to come in the future.  Jesus is on His way back and when He comes be ready, do not be left her during the tribulation period..

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the earthquake registered 5.9 in magnitude and took place 3.7 miles below the surface. The quake was 9 miles from Mineral, Va., 90 miles southwest of D.C. It lasted about 30-40 seconds and was felt up and down the East Coast.

After early inspections, there are no reports of road or bridge damage.

DDOT reported some traffic light outages. People should remember to treat those intersections as four-way stop signs.
Metrorail will remain open, but riders should expect delays as trains will be running slower -- 15 mph -- as tracks are inspected, officials said. No damage has been reported. The Massachusetts Avenue entrance at Union Station... Read full article.

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