Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alleged Satanic Illuminati Ministers Could Never Help Dr. Zachery Tims, If His Soul Was Possibly a Blood Sacrifice

Note: We are not saying that any of these ministers were connected to this possible blood sacrifice, but possibly someone who knew Pastor Tims, very well.  Our blog network has already informed you about the Satanic Illuminati, the secret society who has membership of very important people and many church people refuse to believe the truth, but allegedly, many of these ministers who are famous and very wealthy are a part of the Satanic Illuminati.   It is not something that is just talk, but it is real.   Think about how Zachery Tims died, it was not just because he had a problem with drug addiction, but it is just like those who are not perpetrating who are out in the world as rappers, hip hop artists, rock music artists, movie stars, politicians, you name it, if they want to get out of the Satanic Illuminati, they are a goner.   That means they will not live.   Therefore, we think it is a possibility that Zachery Tims could have wanted out and there was a blood sacrifice. 

A blood sacrifice is used when someone desires to dedicate their own soul to the Devil to gain fame or fortune, this is usually done by someone who may have been very close to the victim.   So you see, although drugs was found on Zachery Tims, it is suspicious whether the toxicology reports reveal positive or negative.   

Another possible motive, which we mentioned in our introduction is this, if Zachery Tims wanted out of being a hypocrite, that is, being a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ while discreetly worshiping the Devil just like a lot of his comrades, then the Satanic Illuminati would desire to make him obsolete individual, just like they did Michael Jackson.   You see, this is why it is so very important for those who are in ministry not to associate with alleged members of the Satanic Illuminati, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Paula White, Bishop Eddie Long, Benny Hinn...After Zachery Tims had temporarily stepped down from his position, he traveled with Benny Hinn to Israel.  They both were seen on TBN speaking in Israel together.   It is very dangerous to be a hypocrite.   If you are a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, you are going to have to make up in your mind who you will serve, God or the Devil, for no man can serve God and Mammon.    A lot of these rich and famous ministers we see on national television have secretly sold their souls to the Devil for riches and wealth and when they have done so, they cannot be saved from their drug addiction or any other kind, not unless they let it all go to only serve the Lord.

It is possible that someone very close to Zachery Tims who envied his wealth desired to give him up as a blood sacrifice to the Devil, so they could have what he had or if he wanted out of this secret society, the Satanic Illuminati, it was going to be the end of his life; therefore, either the drugs in his pocket was planted on him or he bought it while unknowingly that was Satan's plan to kill him, since he had a weakness for drugs.  It is a possibility that the person who was willing to do a blood sacrifice took advantage for his weakness for drugs and knew exactly how he would die.

We cannot expect for many of these famous ministers today to live a peaceful life or  to even die, peacefully, simply because they are unholy and dabbling in a world of darkness.   This is why it is so very important, if we are truly called into the ministry, to be cautious who we associate with, because God is not One of darkness, but He is only a Spirit of Light.  It is a great possibility that Zachery Tims could have associated with the wrong people, such as the underworld, involving drugs.   It is obvious, because he told us he had overcame that sort of lifestyle.   However, the rich and famous ministers of today are allegedly a part of the Satanic Illuminati and that is the same world as drug dealers who sell drugs to people and have no consideration for their welfare.   They only desire to associate with you to make more money.   So think about it, if Zachery Tims came out of a world of dealing drugs making a lot of money, how different was it for him to become a minister around people who mainly focused on money, instead of saving souls and getting them completely delivered from their sins?

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