Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bishop Eddie Long's 5th Accuser Does Not Cause First Lady Vanessa Long to Run

(Note: We are not saying any of Bishop Eddie Long's accusers have been diagnosed with any sexual disease, we are only saying this could happen in any situation, if any cheating husband could get infected with an STD out of concern for First Lady Vanessa Long or any other first lady who is married to pastor who has discreet affairs with several people.)  It's awfully strange since we have been following the news of Bishop Eddie Long's 5th accuser and we see the proud spirit of Bishop Eddie Long, as he has even a larger gathering for the last two Sundays before his members left.   However, the most strange thing is, how Vanessa Long remains by his side, regardless of him having 5 accusers saying he molested them, the last one is very flamboyant, which should scare any wife.   The reason why we chose to discuss this issue on Sanctified Church Revolution blog, is simply because AIDS is still around and women are yet getting infected by their husbands and boyfriends who claim they are straight, but discreetly have affairs with the same sex.  

We desire to seek God while covering this is a strange case among us that involves a wife who had a right to leave her husband, Bishop Eddie Long, after finding out about his various affairs with younger men.  It is not just an emotional risk, but we are very concerned about First Lady Vanessa Long's health risk.   When you observe the loose, flamboyant air of the fifth accuser, it is a threat to any woman who has unknowingly shared her husband's body with..  Just look at him, he appears to have possibly lived a very promiscuous lifestyle, which no husband should be trusting his body to lie with, because after he gets through, he unknowingly could share possible fatal diseases that could kill his wife. Saints of God, there are too many diseases for us not to be concerned, we already pray, let us spread the word to first ladies to be cautious of their husband's whereabouts when he is not sleeping with them.   Even more, we need to stress among first ladies that they care about their own bodies and do not fall prey to the fatal diseases that they did not cause that could be a threat to them.  Think about this very fact that has been buried and hidden for years, away from those in various congregations, many first ladies have lost their lives because of their husband's discreet double lifestyles, one mainly, homosexuality.  

This Centino Kemp guy is claiming that Bishop Eddie Long raped him, but yet he carries his name on his wrist as though they were in a mutual relationship.  What is so frightening to think about is this, first lady Vanessa Long possibly saw the news coverage and did not run yet.  Therefore, if there be 5 more accusers, it seems as though she will remain Bishop Long's wife, but it is dangerous.  She does not know how many other people these accusers could have slept with.   Her husband desiring to sleep with all sorts of young men is a discreet fascination among a lot of husband's today and a lot of wives do not see it as a threat compared to their husband's sleeping other women; however, when you look at this photo of Kemp trying to appear similar to a woman shouldn't that be enough for any wife to say bye bye?   Not just the way he appears, but the possibility of his multiple partners, which could have sexually diluted her husband's body and even put her at a health risk.

The Bible says this, 'How can two walk together except they agree?'  So, in marriage this scripture is very important, if a wife (or husband) does not agree with homosexuality or her husband sleeping with the same sex, there is no way a wife can remain with her husband.   This is what we see in the marriage of Bishop Eddie and First Lady Vanessa Long, there is no way for her to remain his wife, if he is going to continue in sin, sleeping with men.   It is wrong, it is an abomination and even worse, Bishop Eddie Long is putting his wife at a health risk.  This should be a concern among the body of Christ, because you may not think about it, but it is the truth, there have been many funerals of first ladies who have died of AIDS and possible STD's all because of their husband's promiscuous double lifestyle of either homosexuality, indulging in orgies and even sleeping around with loose sinful women, it's all a sin and it all can kill.  

It's all wonderful that First Lady Vanessa Long can forgive, but it is also good that she think about her health and seek prayer that God will anoint her body if any disease may have occurred in her husband's body that he willfully shared with all types of men will cease.   Yes, forgiveness is wonderful in marriage and also being a good example for other married women, but in this age of many husbands coming out of the closet saying they agree with homosexuality, it is time for first ladies and wives who admire them to be smart and take care of your own body.  Start loving your body like God would love it, because many first ladies who died of AIDS, because of their husband's risky lifestyle took them away from their kids, loved ones, friends.  

This article is reality and deals with issues involving first ladies the church does not care to discuss, but it is a matter of life or death.

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