Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Did Bishop Eddie Long Learn Something From Bishop T. D. Jakes Last Sunday?

Okay, although we suspect that Bishop T. D. Jakes among other various famous ministers have been a part of the secret society of the Illuminati, it seemed as though he possibly has been doing some soul searching, because it appeared as though New Birth was finally having some real church, even better than when Bishop George Bloomer was there.   Usually, when people join New Birth or walk up toward the altar to get saved, the ushers will instantly lead them back to a room to sign membership papers, there is never an altar call.   How do we know?  A few of our journalists previously belonged to New Birth and so that is how we know.  Bishop Eddie Long never prays with newcomers up at the altar, never have we seen it.    No, there is never an altar call, is what we who know about the real church would call it.   You may see people rush up to the altar and bow down in general, but for Bishop Eddie Long to specifically pray souls through when they join or step up to get saved, never.  If you go to our video page, you will see how Apostle Johnnie Washington used to do it and how it is suppose to be.   When people first give there lives over to the Lord and surrender, any man or woman of God is suppose to pray those people through, to make sure they totally surrender and get set free.   

Last Sunday, the ushers pushed them back to the altar when they tried to exit out for new membership class, so Bishop T. D. Jakes could pray with them.    This was something we have never seen at New Birth.   He stood and spoke with them about leaving sin alone and surrendering their life to God.   The thought of rushing those new members and those who accepted Jesus Christ to sign papers became obsolete once Bishop T. D. Jakes was standing up before them. 

We question any ministry that does not believe in an altar call.   It is not understood why today's church is so modern and the preacher like Bishop Eddie Long just wants a corporate church, not taking time to pray with those at the altar. These rich pastors just want their church to be sophisticated and when they call themselves praying they call it, corporate prayer or they will say, "let's have a corporate praise."   The way Bishop T. D. Jakes had an altar call Sunday, it did not seem like today's average modern day church.   Bishop Jakes had those people up at the altar, shouting (dancing in the spirit), clapping their hands and crying out to God, something that Bishop Eddie Long and the other New Birth pastors have not done, we have never seen it.   Hopefully, he learned something and if they both have been alleged members of the Satanic Illuminati, we pray they both have gotten themselves right with God.  Furthermore, we hope it won't be the last time we see an altar call at New Birth.

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