Thursday, August 18, 2011

Did God Take Dr. Zachery Tims Life?

Saints of God, it is very disturbing to hear certain members of New Destiny Christian Center allegedly say they did not know why God would do a thing like this.  First and foremost, we do not serve a God who goes around killing people and He would not place drugs in the late Dr. Zachery Tims pocket.   It is not right for anyone to blame God for what He did not do.   We can clearly see that those particular church members were not receiving spiritual food, understanding God and do not even have relationship with Him.   Really, do we serve a God who would leave Zachery Tims to be found dead with a white powdery substance found in his pocket?   Absolutely not and people who think God had something to do with his death are making him out to look like a fool.  God is not mean and would never do a foolish thing.   Therefore, New Destiny Christian Center needs to be anointed with a pastor who will set the record straight and who will reflect God as a loving God who may allow certain tragedies, but not go around killing anybody.

Like we mentioned in our prior articles, God may have allowed Dr. Zachery Tims to die, because He wanted someone to rebuke the demon of death and for everyone to recognize that Jesus still can raise the dead in the 21st century.   God has reasons for certain things that may not look right in the natural, but in the spiritual world he tests our faith to see if we believe He can do the impossible and as we can see, today's modern church lack faith, because they are ready to bury him and already look for the next pastor to take his position since two days ago.   After all, isn't that what Zachery Tims taught, faith without fear?   But no one as we know of, not even his ex-wife has laid hands on his body for him to rise up in the name of Jesus.  

God is not a drug dealer, He does not go around placing drugs in people's pockets.  Those who are blaming Him for this tragedy is not in line with His Kingdom and need very much to repent.  God does not like His spiritual message to do miracles to be confused with Him as a murderer.    So, before Dr. Zachery Tims is buried will we see someone go and rebuke the demon of death and lay hands on him to rise, so He may come back with a testimony of whatever experiences He had on the other side?   So many testimonies we have heard (and we will present a page in the future for you to see for yourself) of people who went to heaven and hell and returned for other people to hear messages from God and to know what His requirements is for all of us in His Kingdom, then there were those who went to hell and come back for us to know hell, Satan and his demons exists.  Some of those people went to both places.   When some people went to hell, they saw certain ministers in eternal hell for robbing people through tithes and offerings or not doing what God told them to do or preaching the wrong sermons.   

Flatly, we do not need anymore people who are supposed to be saved going around blaming God for this tragedy.   God is not One to kill people and again, He would never plant drugs in Zachery Tims pocket and allow him to be discovered the way he was by the hotel staff.   God is trying to get the body of Christ attention for us to totally yield to His will and to His way and not focus on fame or fortune.  He is looking for us to clearly submit to Him without rebellion.  He wants to see Holy Crosses back up in his churches and the globes to be removed.   He wants someone to go into the morgue or mortuary, wherever Zachery Tims body is and to rebuke death.  God wants so much to get the glory out of this situation, but people are not clearly understanding who He is.  Those who were Tims followers are confusing His death with God's doing, it is not God's doing.   God wants someone to have faith enough to lay hands on his body, so people will know that no matter what was found on his body or the wrong lifestyle he may have been involved in, He can still raise him from the dead.  We serve a powerful God, a God full of love and who will not back down for Satan to take another soul.   God did not take Zachery Tims life and whether you are a church member, ... or anyone who was just a supporter of his ministry, do not say that about God anymore.

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