Sunday, August 21, 2011

If Zachery Tims Toxicology Tests Reveal Overdose of Heroin, What Next?

Everyone who knew of Zachery Tims is waiting for the toxicology results to come back and reveal what actually happened to him.   Although, the white powdery substance was found in his pocket, many people suspect he died of a drug overdose, obviously meaning too much drugs in his system.   However, since our staff heard Paula White (allegedly) mention heroin in her sermon this morning at New Destiny Christian Center, we suspect she and the circle of the rich and famous ministers knew more than anyone about what he and possibly other did in there personal time away from ministry.   Whether it was heroin or crack cocaine, God is not happy if he died they way he did at such a young age.   So, we are waiting and while wondering what actually happened, although God was in that room.

Really there is nothing for anyone to do, if we all discover the news of a drug overdose.   All we can do is pray for his soul, the Tims family and his church.  However, when we watched New Destiny Christian Center this morning we notice it was a day for emotional healing to get over the sadness, but the problem of the corporate service (which Paula White mentioned several times), we did not see an alter call specifically for souls to be delivered and set free from sin.    We saw people running up toward the alter, but no mention of deliverance from demons through the mouth of Paula White as she twisted and turned and pranced around in her expensive black high heel pumps.  Paula White sugar coated the situation of Zachery Tims death while allegedly slipping out the subject of heroin, she was not slick enough for us not to catch it.  If you want to know exactly what our journalists allegedly heard, just stay up to date with next article on this morning's service and you will read it for yourself.   Of course, Zachery Tims operated his church like a modern day church, but after his death we were looking for change, like no existence of the burning globe with fire burning under it (as you can see behind Paula White in the pulpit), for instance. we feel people will continue to attend New Destiny Christian Center as though he is still here, that's extreme danger, because there needs to be a complete anointing, no carnality whatsoever.   We feel possibly there are a lot of Tims members who are struggling with a drug habit like he was, because when a pastor preaches to his flock, they immediately catch his spirit.   So, there are certain demons of drugs that need to be cast out of their spirits this morning.   Of course, we acknowledge he was a caring pastor and admitted to having been a recovering attic, but we saw his outreach page reveal coming soon on the website, it was not already in operation.   Specifically, as of today, we saw no ministry to completely deliver drug attics and alcoholics from Satan's territory.  Maybe he thought testifying about it was enough, but obviously not, because possibly if there was a ministry for that sort of deliverance, we would not be grieving for his death right now.   It is very sad to know, that they may include a drug and alcoholic ministry after his death; but we cannot help but wonder why it was not in existence while he lived? 

Furthermore, we did not feel an anointing of the Holy Ghost.  Instead, we heard Caribbean style music while Tims praise team marched away from the pulpit before Paula White stepped up.  It was too modern and was not a service for deliverance that would make demons flee.  They called themselves praise and worshiping God, and we heard one lady speak in tongues while hosting the service, but the service seem to cease the presence of complete deliverance from those who needed it.   

What next, if Zachery Tims Toxicology Tests Reveal Overdoes of Heroin or even if it does not reveal it?   
  • The church cannot just move on like nothing happened, which was the feeling we got this morning from Paula White's sermon at New Destiny Christian Center.  She actually told them to carry on as though Pastor Tims is yet alive, which was very wrong.
  • God wants a lot of the money that ministries take in to feed, clothe and shelter the homeless.   Therefore, every church that is bringing in a lot of money through tithes and offerings should be taking care of those who are homeless and giving assistance to those who are poor.  We are not talking about $10 Walmart gift cards like Benny Hinn gave to the Hurricane Katrina victims.   God wants the demon of selfishness and greed to leave the church staff.
    • We need a revival and please do not take that lightly.   No more conferences, revival where people who attend, including these clergy members get totally delivered and set free. 
    • God wants people healed from various diseases and for them to also be raised from the dead.  Therefore, he desires miracles to take place, thus saith the Lord.
        • Right now after his death and after the toxicology results the church needs to abandon the corporate worship, it is too sophisticated and demons are remaining inside of the spirits of people who never get rid of their evil ways and sins.   Services need to include deliverance services for people to get saved and delivered from idolatry, porn, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, prostitution, witchcraft, drugs and alcohol...
        • God is expecting the church to no longer have pastors, bishops and evangelists with a celebrity status.  He wants his church leaders to be holy, righteous and sanctified.  He expects for pastors to stop hanging out with the celebrities and even dressing like them in the pulpit.   He wants complete distinction in the way they speak, preach his Word and even in their mannerism. He wants these pastors to stop thinking of themselves above those who are fed the Word of God. He wants his church to be holy and not worldly, this means no hip-hop, no christian rock or christian rap, but He desires pure gospel music.   He wants pure sanctification in the pulpit, the choir and among the members in the pews.   He wants complete transformation.   God had to allow this tragic death of Zachery Tims, because ministers of the gospel, including their congregations have been rebellious.  They have been fascinated with the fame and fortune and glitz and glamor and have not served God with all of their heart, mind and soul.   God did not kill Zachery Tims, but he allowed his death to get the church's full attention.   There has been too much carnality and no sanctification.   
        • God is expecting for husbands to remain with one wife and to respect her.   The husband is to raise his children and impregnate any other woman outside of the home, whether she be within the church or out in the world.  God says the man has a responsibility and must lead his household in righteousness.   He is not to dabble in a down low homosexual relationship while married but to remain a heterosexual man how he was created by God to be.  He is not to wear women's clothes or to act effeminate, but to act and look like a man.   He is to be the leader of his household and take on responsibilities.   Now, is the time saith the Lord for men to stop selling drugs and women and to stop using them both.
          • God is expecting first ladies to be more caring about women in their husband's churches. He is tired of them entering the church as though they are married to a celebrity and sharing the fame and enjoying the fortune as though they are celebrities, themselves. We have seen too many first ladies refraining from speaking out to teach women how to be ladies.  Instead, women of all ages have been rebellious and not willing to dress holy, act holy or even speak holy; we have discovered the feminist movement because of it and therefore, this is one of the main reasons we have a lot of lesbians in the church today along with gay men.   For example, first ladies should teach women not to look like hookers and strippers, but to look like God's virtuous women with class.  For example, Vanessa Long only has spoken to women in her past (Heart to Heart) conference, one time a year.   A few of our journalists who actually once were members at New Birth Missionary Baptist church says she never gets up and speak to the women, but is always silent in the church.   The Bible instructed the older women to teach the younger ones (Titus 2:4).
          • This morning when it was suppose to be a refreshed service, after mourning the death of Zachery Tims, we saw a lot of women on his praise team carrying on in their casual attire, wearing blue jeans.  Women should no longer wear blue jeans in the House of God.  Because God is trying to remove the lesbian and gay spirit out of the churches, he expects to see women wearing dresses and being more feminine and acting more feminine.   God expects for women to carry themselves like genuine ladies, holy and righteous while submissive and obedient to their husbands and by doing so, their little girls will know why it is so very important to be ladylike, in the House of God and at all times.  As you know the homosexual demon is very strong, so we must reveal a difference between the clean and the unclean spirit.  Likewise, men should not be wearing tight muscle shirts and dressing like thugs.   We should see men wearing decent attire that does not appear similar to gang members and drug dealers, but men should look holy as well as act holy.   For instance, at New Birth one of our journalists went undercover and saw a few young men wearing their pants down going into the church, it should not be and now you see we do not agree with hip hop or christian rap.  Also, it is so very clear why Bishop Eddie Long got caught in his past sexual allegations with those young men, he allowed some of them to attend church with their pants down.
          In conclusion, when the teenager, Angelica went on a tour to hell with Jesus Christ (which can be found at, He told her to tell the church to go back to the old way of having church; therefore, being sanctified is certainly the old (traditional) way.   If Jesus took Angelica to hell and included that specific instruction for His church, don't you think we better listen and change now?

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