Friday, August 26, 2011

Joel and Victoria Osteen: Lakewood Church Sued By The American Dollar

Well, it looks like this couple is reaping what they sowed.  Do you recall the incident on the plane when Victoria Osteen allegedly physically attacked a flight attendant.  The attendant claimed Victoria shoved and shouted at her.  They even went to trial and the Osteen's won and were very happy they did not have to pay the flight attendant the money she previously requested for the alleged assault.   Now, there church is in trouble and they are being sued again for using a secular song past its' expiration date.  One question, what was Lakewood doing making a deal with this secular group in the first place, being born again Christians they are supposed to deal with people who know Christ and only Christian music should be heard during church services and on their broadcasts.   So, the $3 million dollars that is being requested by the secular group, The American Dollar should not be a problem for their church to pay, for the couple not only offended the flight attendant, but they both have violated the Kingdom of God.

Today's church has been so modern, many ministers do not think anything is wrong with associating with people in the world, but the Word of God lets us know this, 'Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world, he that loveth the world, the love of the Father is not in Him (or her) (I John 2:15).   That specific scripture is very clear and those who use the works of Satan to grow their minister are in trouble with God and will have no peace.   Therefore this lawsuit against Lakewood church does not surprise us.

Lakewood Church, as well as pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen, are being sued for $3 million for continuing to use an instrumental track beyond a year-long licensing agreement with its writers.
The church paid to use a 58-second-clip of Richard Cupolo and John Emanuele’s song “Signaling through the Flames” in a promotional video for a DVD called Supernatural. The two perform under the name The American Dollar.

A suit filed in federal court in Houston claims Lakewood infringed on the song’s copyright by playing it in broadcasts of their services after the agreement expired in March.
The song was only licensed for DVD and online promotions, not for television broadcasts, said the band’s lawyer Craft Hughes, with the Houston firm Hughes Ellzey.
Update: The official statement from Lakewood is, “The music in question is 1 minute of background music which Lakewood Church had a license to use. The plaintiff...Read full article here.

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Source:  Houston Chronicle

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