Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let Us Pray for Zachery Tims Church Family of New Destiny Christian Center

Since we have found out about the death of Zachery Tims, it has indeed brought shock among the body of Christ.  He was so young, only 42 years old.  It something how when you are still living they call that age, old (an obvious silly trick of Satan).   Anyway, it is very hurting to know we have lost a dynamic man of God.   He was so well liked among everyone that knew him and even those who knew of him through media television, he was just an awesome man of God.   Regardless of the evidence discovered near Pastor Tims deceased body, we loved him and God loved him even more.  The most important thing for us as children of God to do now is, pray.   We need to pray for the church members of New Destiny Christian Center in Orlando, Florida.  

Most definitely, the church family of New Destiny Christian Center needs strength in this time of bereavement.   We feel they are scared and confused, regarding this traumatic past news of losing their pastor.   God wants the body of Christ to now pray like we have never prayed before, because God is doing something and for a longtime, he has been trying to get the attention of those who are not completely yielding to His throne.   

The future of New Destiny Christian Center is at stake.   There has been a discussion of the possibility Riva Tims, the ex-wife of the late Zachary Tims to take the leadership position of the church.   We do not know yet, we have just been following the latest news from MyFoxOrlando.com.  Whatever the case maybe or whomever takes on the leadership role at New Destiny Christian Center, we must keep praying that the church family remains strong, along with Riva Tims and their children.   God bless you.

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Video Source: myfoxorlando.com
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