Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Prayer Vigil For Zachary Tims But Not Enough Faith Among NDCC Followers to Raise Him Up From The Dead

Is today's church so modern that they cannot believe God for miracles to take place, even to raise the dead?  It does not matter how Pastor Zachery Tims died, all that matters is God waiting for the body of Christ to get back to holiness and to trust and believe that He still can raise the dead and cure all diseases.  No one, not even Paula White, Jamal Bryant or anyone from the church family of Zachery Tims church mentioned everyone coming together pleading the blood of Jesus against the demon of death.  If the church family of New Destiny Christian Church are really faith believing Christians, why haven't we heard anyone step up and command the demon of death to cease and expect Zachery Tims to raise up?  This shows that today's church is really lost and lacks anointing, which is very dangerous, because this reveals there are too many dead people that could have been raised up from the dead by the power of God and possibly God allowed them to die, because He was waiting on the church to reveal what He can still do in the 21st century, not get prepared for a funeral and come together for a prayer vigil.    

Today's church is so modern and full of celebrity status among clergy members, it must make God very sad to see no one who claim to love, trust and believe in Him, go into the morgue or mortuary and lay hands on the body of Pastor Zachery Tims.  You see we are living in an age that consists of people who expect those who die to just become a memory.  We speak about faith in the church, but the church world is so full of secular glorification, seeking fame and fortune, they seem to be incapable or have fear of laying hands on a corpse and believing that God can bring him or her back to life.  Once a person is dead, they accept it, because although they hear faith sermons, they are really believe there are limitations of what God can do.   Furthermore, because of the white powdery substance found on Zachary Tims, people are not saying it, but you can feel the silent insinuation that his life must come to an end, because of how he died.  Saints, God is a forgiving and loving God and does not want us to always look at the circumstance of death.  The Devil is a lie, we have heard too many testimonies of people coming back to life.   If you have time, watch the following video of Bishop Earthquake Kelley who was raised as a potential voodoo priest, placed spells on people, a gang member and a drug user.   This man had sin in his life.   The second time he was a minister and God told him, he must do what He called him to do and dangled him over the pit of hell.  However, Bishop Earthquake Kelley came back to life, after suffering a brain aneurysm.  The first time at eight years old, he went to hell and God made a way for him to come back to life.    

What is even more amazing about our great God is this, in Bishop Earthquake Kelley's case and other cases we have heard, no one even had to lay hands on him.  However, in the case of Zachary Tims, we feel God expects for someone to do it to prove his He is still raising the dead and death does not always have to be accepted.

We must not accept death all the time.  We must learn to stop saying, 'oh, he was so young...only forty-two years old, he lived a good life...he did a lot of things for people...he was...'  We have to get beyond that and start expecting God to work miracles in today's church and one of those miracles that used to take place in the old church was raising the dead, which the Bible speaks about in Matt. 10:8, 'Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received, freely give.'

Let us pray that God gives the followers and family of Pastor Zachary Tims real faith and for someone to start binding the demon of death.

Watch this video of Bishop Earthquake Kelley, you get go to part 1

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Bishop Earthquake Kelley, Part 3 

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  to watch the rest of Bishop Earthquake Kelley's testimony

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