Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Satanic Illuminati: The Absence of The Holy Cross In American Churches

Let us not play dumb, the globes popping up in churches everywhere across America for more than the past 20 years did not just appear for no reason.   The absence of the Holy Cross that is the symbol of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ disappeared for pastors to reveal to the secret societies that they have fulfilled their membership have placed the globe in their churches as a sign in support for the New World Order, allegedly.   For instance, those of you who watched various famous ministers preaching in their churches and it seems as though they are teaching at a seminar, it was all a plan among those who were in favor of joining the Satanic Illuminati that would offer them to tap in on the other side of darkness to gain more fame and fortune.   It was not just a coincidental trend. 

All of these ministers have no idea what they will face after death, hell is very real.   This is why many of them do not preach about hell, simply because they are guilty of sin, themselves.   Also, they do not want to scare their followers from giving tithes and offerings, so they sugar coat God's gospel while collecting millions of dollars into their bank accounts.   

The average excuse of revealing the globe is that these ministries are worldwide, so they want everyone to know they are international corporations.   One question, can't we reach souls around the world by just revealing the cross or at least showing the cross, in front of the globe (very few churches reveal this sort of logo)?   Allegedly, preachers who are discreetly involved with the Satanic Illuminati do not even think it is important to God to reveal a reminder of the holy cross His Son, Jesus Christ had to carry, then die on.   These ministers think God will just overlook their wickedness, because they supposedly taught the Word of God to the entire world, but God is not pleased.   He wants these ministers to stop making a point to reveal the globe, instead of His cross in their churches and desires for them to stop making it necessary to reveal that they have no guidelines, borders or boundaries, making constant reminders they are a nontraditional church.   God is tired and demands change, now.   The secret society of the Satanic Illuminati cannot save these preachers from going to hell, the wicked organization can only promise fame and fortune.    Therefore, when each and every man or woman of God stands before God's throne, what will he or she say when the question is asked, why wasn't the holy cross that is the symbol of Christ's crucifixion revealed before souls who listen to you preached God's Word?   What will they say?  Then, where will they go?

Note: This article is not just a forewarning for American churches, but to all churches around the world who are guilty.

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