Monday, August 22, 2011

Why Is There Still a Debate, Regarding Women Preachers?

After listening to Hank Hanegraaff's talk show over a month ago, a caller questioned how he felt about women preachers, because of this following scripture: Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law (I Cor. 14:34).  Hank replied in so many words that God can use women in ministry.  Angry so-call men of God get that particular scripture all twisted, because they think it is a commandment.  However, it is not a commandment necessarily spoken through Jesus Christ.   One of our female journalists have been prophesied since a child by various people throughout her life, none of the people knew each other.   She has also gotten God's command again, not too long ago through Jesus Christ.   Therefore, her ministry is being processed as of this day.

Yes, God has called certain women to preach; however, the ones who have been preaching have only been doing so, because they have just been doing what they see the next Jane Doe doing and desire to be great as her, this sort of nonsense has been going on for many years.  A lot of these women do not even have a testimony while preaching, they desire to show off and compete with a real woman of God, which is pure jealousy.  It's a family tradition and they desire to keep the family name great, this is especially found among descendants of bishops, some of these women, not all should be doing something else in ministry and many women who are really called are those who have no hierarchy background in the church.  Just like God has not called every man to be in the pulpit, he has not called every woman, but only in other sorts of ministries.   God is looking for cancer survivors, ex-lesbians, ex-prostitutes, ex-convicts, ex-madams, ex-convicts to preach His Word; because if the woman does not have a testimony and has always been a perfect saint all her life, who can she witness to or what can she preach about?   Jealousy can begin in their teen years when girls are asked to step up and give a sermon to prepare them for ministry as adults.   It's a demon that dwells in the souls through women and men and takes a lot of prayer to ignore.  However, many women are truly called by God, because of their testimony of struggles, regardless of who tries to block what God is trying to do in their lives.

Sometimes it is a money issue that causes a lot of heated debates among men and women and even women and women.   The real issue behind this ancient debate is Satan wants souls and if he can keep us talking about it, then souls will be ignored and want make it into God's Kingdom.   Satan will use anything to take souls into eternal hell.

The reason why there is still a debate, is simply because of that specific scripture found in the book of Corinthians and also there are some men who yet desire for women to remain only first ladies and submissive to them.    Because of a woman's personal life struggles, God has much to say through her to help other women who feel there is no way out.   God has a lot to say to men through true women of God.   The debate also stems from competition between genders, but it is so ancient and God wishes for the heated discussion to no longer block a woman's call into the ministry.   

The Devil wishes to destroy the woman in the pulpit, because He knows from the beginning of the universe Eve was used through the serpent and wants her to do nothing to build up God's Kingdom.   Just like Eve was suppose to be a help mate to Adam in the Garden of Eden, she is also suppose to help other men of God bring in souls from Satan's territory and she should no longer rebel to do God's will for any reason, whatsoever.  

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