Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zachery Tims: God is Still Raising The Dead

If God did it for this man in Nigeria, He can do it anywhere else.   Like we said on our prior article, it does not matter how Zachery Tims died, if people will only believe and lay hands for God to breathe life back into the his corpse, he could very well come back to life. Furthermore, it is so sad that his church members are ready to bury him, because they no doubt were not taught about God raising the dead in the ministry.  Therefore, all they are doing is preparing to bury him, watch videos of his past 15 years in ministry and perform vigils for the decease.  It is very sad, God's power is not being revealed before the world.

The problem with today's church is they have become too worldly; therefore, they are unable to believe in miracles.   When you are worldly and have bowed down to hypocrisy for so long, it would be too difficult for them to expect God to do anything.  However, among those at New Destiny Christian Center in Orlando, Florida, there has got to be at least one person who is a faith believing Christian and will pray against and bind the demon of death.   Although, it could have been the demon of Zachery Tim's drug usage that caused him to collapse, it does not stop God from desiring to prove how loving and forgiving He is and what He wants to reveal through those who still believe He can do what appears to be impossible in today's modern church.   You see that's the problem, if the church would stop seeking fame and fortune and start seeking God, then no doubt we will began to see God work.

Watch Video of a Man in Nigeria Raised from the Dead

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