Friday, August 19, 2011

Zachery and Riva Tims Divorce: Let's Save More Marriages In The Church

Statistics inform us that there are more divorces in the church than the world.   We are not just talking about in the pews, but we are also speaking of those in the pulpits.  Now, since Dr. Zachery Tims has passed on, we cannot help but wonder, if their marriage would have been saved, would he have died the way he did?   It's very sad, but we have to discuss this issue, so we can decrease the number of divorces in the church.   When divorce hits those who preach the Word of God, we never think how angry God must be.   We allegedly read comments from several church members on various blogs who said Pastor Tims asked forgiveness before his congregation, after he returned from counseling for the sin of infidelity he committed.   So, that's good to know that he got that right with God and out of the way a couple of years before he died.   However, we cannot help but wonder even after he confessed his sin before his church and asked for forgiveness, could his marriage have been saved and if so, if he and Riva could have remained together, would he still be here?

Now, we may have some of our readers think, what difference does it make, he's gone now?   What you do not understand is this, God has feelings and he was very hurt when Dr. Zachery Tims and his wife, Riva divorced?   These are two people who were blessed to preach the Word of God.   God used both of them to be an example to other married couples who were getting spiritually fed and admiring their unity as husband and wife.  So, this issue is very important to bring up.  We do not want to lose anymore people in the Kingdom of God in such a tragic way.  So, we need to figure out what will make God happy and where has the body of Christ, including among the clergy members went wrong?

After the lovely couple broke up, a lot of people were taking sides without even thinking about what God thinks.   Dear readers, God hates divorce and we need to see a change.  It seems like there are more gay and lesbian couple getting married and making a point to respect their union more than heterosexual married couples.  God hates it that these homosexuals are parading around fighting for their rights to married, but we cannot get men and women to remain together.  It does not matter whose right or whose wrong and it does not matter what happened to cause the separation.   If we are people of faith, we need to learn how to make our marriages work in the family of God, so the world can stop looking into other things like a homosexual lifestyle that will destroy their soul in the long run.  Now, what is the world saying about the death of Zachery Tims?   How do you think God feels about Satan getting the glory of him being found dead while gays and lesbians are still living as though they are married and respecting their vows?  God is very unhappy, because Zachery and Riva Tims were supposed to be a married couple made in heaven.   God gave them both four wonderful children and they were happy until 15 years later. They grew a very successful worldwide ministry and their church grew into several thousand members.  Therefore, it could have worked many more years, because God placed them together from the very beginning.

This is very sad saints of God.  Who would have thought Pastor Zachery Tims would be dead and thousands of people mourning while shocked of his death, about two years later after his divorce?   God desired for he and his wife to remain together, regardless of what or who cause the division.  One main reason, when pastors preach about how important family is, they need to see their pastor and first lady as the best example in the world.   Zachery Tims death is not only a wake up call, his divorce with Riva was a wake up call just like the the divorce years ago, between Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker.  What's worse is when people go on with life as if there marriage is over and should be forgotten about.  Not really, because now when tragedy hits, one party maybe left alone in their misery and found dead.

Another defense one of our readers may have to this issue is this, 'but Zachery Tims had drugs found in his pocket and they say he was still overcoming using drugs'.  Do you get it?   It does not matter whether the problem was lust, a drug habit, alcohol or anything else, when marriage is between a man and woman of God and even those who learn the Word of God through them, God desires the solution to be for better or for worse, rich or poor and in sickness and in health, definitely not to solve the conflict with divorce.  It is not God's will.   As you can see, things got much worse after the divorce between Pastor Zachery and Riva Tims and it was a spiritual lesson for somebody.  Things just do not happen for no reason.   We all are suppose to learn from things that divide men and women of God who settle for divorce.   Satan had a plan.  He used a stripper to see what the end result would be and the end result was not divorce, it was Zachery Tims life being taken away at such a young age at only 42 years old.

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