Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Zachery Tims: How To Keep Your Husband (or Wife) Who Is a Pastor From Using Drugs

We did not want to mention the truth about what we used to see on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), but there were times we used to see Zachery Tims acting as though he was on drugs: massive sweats, talking rapidly and saying things out of the norm and one specific time, we tuned in, he was being interviewed by Paula White with his wife.  This was before he was accused of having an affair with a stripper.   It was so hurting to see and we knew he must have been on drugs, but we prayed for him.    Now that we have heard the news like the rest of you that Pastor Zachery Tims is dead and a white powdery substance was found in his pocket as he laid on the hotel room floor, it hurts even more.   We never expected his life would end as a result of what we suspected while watching him on TBN.  May Zachery Tims rest in peace and we pray He is in the arms of Jesus Christ. 

Our heart goes out to Pastor Riva Tims, Zachery wife and their children.  They both made a nice couple and made a good example of how God can build a ministry through a marriage.   They had a dynamic blessed union.   It was Satan who destroyed their marriage and we feel bad that Pastor Zachery Tims had been overcoming his drug habit since he was 19 years old.   That's a very long time until his death at age 42 to be dealing with trying to overcome it. He built such a great ministry and reached over 300 million television viewers, according to a source.  That's so great, to have been able to get off of drugs, testify about it and go into the ministry and spread the Word of God across the nation and abroad.  No matter how much Pastor Zachery Tims may have had difficulty trying to kick the drug habit, he yet testified about God's deliverance, that's awesome. 

If you are a first lady or possibly, a pastor who is married to is hooked on any sort of alcohol or drug: crack cocaine, Heroin, Marijuana, Ecstasy, Methamphetamine, LSD, Opium, Inhalants, Amphetamine, we want to try and help and give you spiritual tips.  First, you must not give up on your spouse, no matter how hard it gets.   Keep fasting and praying that God can take away there drug habit, no matter how hard things may seem in your marriage.   God has a lot for you to do in the ministry and one of those main things is to win souls into his Kingdom.  We cannot allow drugs to be the reason for the gospel preached to be discontinued around the world.  We have got to find a way not to ever allow this to happen to anyone in the family of God.   So, let us began to help you, if you are in a marriage with someone or both of you are ministers of the gospel and you are trying to overcome drugs or alcohol.

  • Together, you must fast and pray.  On a daily basis, make it a habit to fast and pray against the demon of using drugs.   You see, a lot of churches and ministries today are into making so much money and fame, they have forgotten the importance of fasting and praying.   One time, we heard Creflo Dollar make fun of what they used to call tarrying, there is nothing wrong with tarrying.   Tarrying is constant prayer to reach heaven, so God can save and deliver those among us.   The church is so caught up on keeping up with the celebrity lifestyle, they refuse to fast and pray.  The Bible speaks about fasting and praying.  It says this in Matthew 17:1, "Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting. " Meaning, fasting and praying is the only way to be loosed from Satanic dominion.
  • Everyday when you wake up, start praising God for delivering you from using drugs.  Out loud, no matter if your wife or kids are around, begin praising the Lord and do this at least 3 times a day before you go to bed.
  • Throw the drugs away and make a vow to God to never use them again.  It may seem hard to do this, but you must make a decision to turn your back on what has been destroying your relationship with God, your marriage, your ministry or whatever in your life.   You must make a commitment to turn your back on drugs and never look back, because if you do, you will be destroyed and leave those who love you so dearly behind, including your ministry.  You do not want that to happen, so please obey before it is too late.
  • Whenever you have a craving for drugs, immediately starting bind the Devil.  Begin to rebuke him and his demons, because he is trying to destroy life, marriage and ministry.  With God's strength, let Satan know he cannot have your soul, he cannot destroy your marriage or your ministry.  You must do this, because Satan tries to act as though he is strong than God and makes it seem like God cannot deliver you from using drugs.  So, you've got to let him know your soul belongs to God.
  • Stop hanging with those who use drugs and continue to preach against that demon on a regular basis.   Those who use drugs are not necessarily those in the streets, it is those behind the pulpits.  You must let them know, unless they stop using drugs, you cannot have anything else to do with them, because by living a hypocritical lifestyle, it will offend God and destroy everything God gave you: your marriage, your ministry and your children.  So, you must let them go unless they desire to want to be saved and delivered from drugs. 
These five tips will help you, your spouse or the both of you to overcome using drugs.   Because if you allow drugs to rule you, you never know how your life may end.  Remember, those who preach the Word of God in the pulpit is suppose to help keep the statistics of drugs down, not be a part of the statistics.

Stay strong and keep praying and praising God for your deliverance.

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