Monday, September 5, 2011

Alleged Observation of Possible Homicide, Regarding Pastor Howard Creecy’s Cause of Death

This prominent pastor was not only tje pastor of The Olivet Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Georgia, but he was well-known to many circle of prestigious people in Atlanta and even to Bill Cosby.   Pastor Howard Creecy, Jr. was best friends to Pastor Gregory Sutton where his funeral attracted many of those who remembered him in their own way.  Among those who remembered the temporary president of Southern Christian Leadership Conference was his widow, lady Yolanda Creecy , step-daughter Kennedy, and the pride of his life, his daughter, Teresa.   There is strong alleged suspicion that Pastor Howard Creecy's blunt force to the head was not accidental and anonymous people are wondering why didn't investigators look into his case more.    Supposedly, Pastor Creecy fell down the stairs and that caused the blunt force to the head.   Really?  This does not even sound right, it sounds similar to the odd death of the late of Gary Coleman.   Isn't that what his wife said and his parents thought it was very suspicious to all of a sudden just fall down the stairs and die in a pool of blood, supposedly from a blunt force to the head?   In the death of Gary Coleman his wife got away with alleged murder and so it allegedly appears to be the same in this case with Pastor Creecy's widow, Yolanda.

Our friends over at were the first to give us this tip, they had received from ObnoxiousTV and we will fill you in on the details.   However, first and foremost, we want you to know, after a person maybe allegedly guilty of murder and it seems as though they get away with it, God is in control, it does not matter who ignores the facts and it also does not matter about the claims of him being an abusive man.  Here is why, if that was the case, why was there an alleged argument with is widow on the night of his death?   One of the things that is not fair, a lot of the times when there is a case of a suspicious death involving the husband being abusive, there is always people who bring up his past as an abusive man; however, it is wrong to purposely kill anyone in any alleged case of murder.   Now, let us fill you in on the suspicious details that we got from
Someone had wrote William McCrary III and revealed some alleged facts, someone who knew a family member supposedly saw it all the night he was murdered left a message on Mr. McCrary's Facebook wall:

Story tip for you. Have you heard all of the rumors about Yolanda Creecy and her being questioned by the police at least three times about the death of Howard Creecy. It was said that he was due to fly out on that night to LA and he missed his flight or got bumped and he went home. He and Yolanda had been having a great deal of problems, to my understanding and that her ex-husband who just got out of prison my have been back in the picture. Anyway he is dead and it was not of a heart attack but a blow to the head and she had a $700,000 policy on him and has already got her a new condo. Something is up and I know you will get to the bottom of it.

Now, it does not seem like Mrs. Yolanda Creecy may not have been expecting him to come home so early, if this is true her ex-husband has been allegedly back in her life, then, this gives some very important details about an insurance policy of $700,000.   An alleged report claims his daughter, Teresa was the executor of his estate.   So, if he was only married to Yolanda Creecy for a few years, then there had to be some jealousy going on and $700,000 is not much money left for a first lady of a church.  The above alleged statement claims she took out a $700,000 policy on his life, so possibly, if one does so, this is all they can receive, if they are the one who filed the claim, instead of the decease who probably did not leave her one cent.

Another alleged statement on Obnoxious blog revealed here and we will give our opinion: 

Just Got the latest news that Dr Howard Creecy’s wife is allegedly responsible for his murdered by a blunt forced trauma to the head during an altercation the night of his death. A close Family source said that the Crecys got into an argument and it escalated into a fight after he had returned home from a party with his friends which it is understood he was intoxicated. and high on cocaine. It is also understood that Howard has a history of violent behavior and it is known that he physically abused his first wife and thats why the marriage ended in Divorce. and now his second wife has been a victim of his drunken brutal behavior. It is also known that he has a history Cocaine abuse. Sources say at the time of the incident it is reported by investigators that after the blow to the head Howard was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. instead of her calling 911, she called her Father over to the house where they both attempted to clean up the blood and clear the house of evidence that wood incriminate Mrs Creecy. Then she called 911. Waiting on announcement of when charges will be filed.

Let us inform you, there was plenty enough time for Mrs. Yolanda Creecy to leave Pastor Howard Creecy.  If he was addicted to cocaine and a so-call man of God who goes to parties, he is not only unfit in the pulpit, but also as a husband.  So, if there was any problems of him having a drug habit, shouldn't there have been plenty of time for her to divorce him?    Also, by her allegedly cleaning up the blood and not immediately calling 911, already makes the claim of him being an abusive man and high on cocaine, obsolete.   Whenever, someone cleans up evidence, that is an instant red flag that reveals guilt. 

May Pastor Howard Creecy, Jr. forever rest in peace. 

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