Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Apostle Fred Price Says "Jesus Committed Suicide" That Day on Calvary

We wanted to thank one of our faithful readers, Pastor Black for giving us a heads up about a sermon of televangelist Dr. Fred Price of the Faith Dome in Los Angeles, CA. These are the type of stories in which we all need to pay careful attention. 

The bible spoke about false doctrines and those who will follow this nonsense. As reported, near the end of August, Dr. Price spoke one Sunday on how Jesus Christ died on the cross.

Now, by the title, you already know exactly what he stated about Jesus' death on Calvary. But why would he state such an absolutely absurd and frankly insane statement?

We know only a false prophet could stir up some hell with something like this. To be honest with you, just hearing his statement brought chills up and down our backs and we were really afraid for his soul.
Read the entire article here

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