Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bishop Thomas Weeks Allegedly Said Juanita Bynum Wanted to Be The Next Oprah: Really? Typing Tongues?

First of all, it is impossible for anyone to become someone else.   That's one main reason why a lot people crack up, because they cannot become someone else they were not born to be.   We heard on a prior interview with Bishop Thomas Weeks III on WOAK radio, Juanita Bynum had her focus on becoming the next Oprah.   Many of us did not pay attention when Bishop Thomas Weeks made that exact alleged statement, regarding Bynum wanting to be the next Oprah and you can hear it at the end of this article.   First, what happened to allowing God to make you great as only the person He created you to be?   Secondly, why would any true woman of God want to be a famous person in the secular world?   Possibly, Dr. Juanita Bynum is doing things that are strange like typing in tongues, because she is not happy with who she is as a person?  Reality has kicked in she can never be the next Oprah, because she is not Oprah she is only Juanita Bynum.   

When God blesses us to be married to a fortunate man and vice versa, we are suppose to be grateful for who God made us to be.   Therefore, it sounds like from listening to this previous interview, Bishop Thomas Weeks could never enjoy Juanita Bynum; therefore, he was with a woman who stayed focus on becoming another woman, Oprah Winfrey who is not a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, but a woman in showbiz.   Right there, one who is truly a child of God knows something is very peculiar about that.   Oprah has even allegedly denied Jesus Christ on her previous talk show.  So, why would Juanita Bynum as a so-call prophetess and woman of God want to be her or even like her?   First and foremost, it is unfair to God and even those who are spiritually fed through her sermons.  Any real man or woman of God should be winning souls, not focused on wanting to be someone else or measuring up to anyone else, God's Kingdom is about Him, not Oprah Winfrey or any other famous person who is idolized in the world, church or secular.

Again, like the late Zachery Tims, why couldn't Bishop T. D. Jakes help Dr. Juanita Bynum, (although, we know he is not to blame)?   How?   Make her realize she is only who she is, Juanita Bynum and she could never be Oprah or be like her.  She seems to need counseling and not while she is preaching God's Word, but taking a leave of absence for at least 5 years, because God's Kingdom should not be misrepresented by someone who has allegedly wished to become someone she is not.   In God's Kingdom, we need to have men and women of God who only enjoy being who God made them to be and teaching others to do the same.   Doesn't that seem logical?    We have already been dealing with Paula White who allegedly claims to be a black woman trapped inside of a white woman's body, another strange case.   Meanwhile in counseling, Juanita Bynum should learn there is no way to make it okay to type in tongues and she should also understand it was wrong for her to compare what she has typed on the internet to the words of Jesus Christ in God's Word.   After her counseling session, possibly there needs to be a personal apology to God for allegedly wanting to be Oprah Winfrey and then, a possibly an apology to her ex-husband Bishop Thomas Weeks for allegedly trying to make him accept someone other than herself.

Hear Bishop Weeks Claiming Juanita Bynum Wanted To Be The Next Oprah

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