Sunday, September 4, 2011

Did Bishop Thomas Weeks III Make a Wise Choice Marrying Prophetess Christina Glenn? Yes?

We know the trouble in Bishop Thomas Weeks III past marriage with Dr. Juanita Bynum was not all his fault, it always takes two to make a marriage go wrong and now we sort of understand what he was trying to tell everyone while defending himself.    Bishop Thomas Weeks tried to tell everyone and people did not listen, not just because Juanita Bynum is a woman, but because she is very popular and has had her ministry supported by Bishop T. D. Jakes.   Saints of God, we have got to be very careful not to take sides, because it seems like what Bishop Thomas Weeks was trying to tell us, we are witnessing right now: Juanita Bynum allegedly has some emotional abnormalities.   To prove his possible accuracy, allegedly, Bishop Thomas Weeks mentioned there were times, Bynum would have violent outbursts, one time specifically in the limousine.   Therefore, people who judged wrongfully judged him, never knew the real Juanita Bynum.  The Bible says, he that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing (Proverbs 18:22), but it may not have been necessarily true when Bishop Thomas Weeks married Juanita Bynum.

A lot of us who are truly saved, should we have not thought that Bishop Thomas Weeks was a violent man just by what Bynum claimed?  There needs to be complete repentance among the saints of God who may have done so, because many times, it is not only the woman who gets hurt, but also the man and it is not just verbally or emotionally, but also physically and violently.   Let's be honest, Bishop Thomas Weeks did not have much support when he was allegedly accused of stomping Dr. Juanita Bynum in that Atlanta hotel parking let a few years ago. 

Bishop Thomas Weeks was married once before Dr. Juanita Bynum and so was she.   Bishop Weeks admits he has made some mistakes, but he stood by his word, he was not all to blame and his ex-wife Bynum did not get those bruises from him.    There are some women who will go so far to set up the man to look bad if they do not get their way, even if it means to self-inflict themselves.   Now, we now it sounds sickening, but it is very true.   We are not saying that Dr. Juanita Bynum inflicted herself, but Bishop Thomas Weeks said he never placed those bruises on her.

Furthermore, now that we have heard that Dr. Juanita Bynum thinks it is logical to write or type speaking in tongues, then try to place Jesus Christ in her situation, we can clearly see what Bishop Thomas Weeks was allegedly insinuating, emotional dysfunction.    If one goes so far to twist the scriptures about typing out speaking in tongues sound sane, then there is something allegedly abnormal about it.    Therefore, we think Bishop Thomas Weeks III was possibly wise marrying Prophetess Christina Glenn, because so far, we have not seen her type out tongues or act unseemly on the internet or in the press.   Therefore, Prophetess Christina Glenn could have been a heavenly match for Bishop Thomas Weeks III.    We do not know anything about Prophetess Glenn, but so far, it seems as though Bishop Weeks is very happy and have not misused God's Word to get attention by confusing those who follow him or his latest (third) wife.

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