Wednesday, September 21, 2011

District Attorney Drops Charge Against Ex- New Birth Employee Per Bishop Long's Letter of Request

A former New Birth Missionary Church security guard Anthony Boyd has been exonerated of all charges after being accused of burglarizing Bishop Eddie Long's office.

Boyd had maintained he was innocent. Boyd says he had nothing to do with stealing jewelry, an iPad and iPod from the Bishop's church office back in June of last year.

After much consideration, DeKalb County D.A. Robert James dropped the charge on Monday.

D.A. stated Bishop Eddie Long's August 26th letter   -- along with Boyd's status as a defendant -- had a lot to do with his decision.
"If he had not asked me, I would not have made the decision. In cases like this, we respect the victim's wishes," James said. "We look at the age of the defendant, a young man. We look at the fact that the defendant had... no criminal history at all. We looked at the fact that we are talking about a property crime, not a violent crime."
Read entire report at AT2W

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