Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Faith or Fluff? The Separate Teachings of Father John Osteen vs Pastor Joel Osteen

We found videos of  Lakewood Church Pastor John Osteen, the father of Pastor Joel Osteen. We were able to see a distinct difference in their preaching styles. The father,  late John  Osteen preached in a traditional style and focused on truth and righteousness. On his video below, "How to Find and Do the Will of God for Your Life", he specifies people finding their gift and using it for God's purposes. He even spoke on how people can make millions of dollars and stay out of the will of God which would make them miserable.
"There's something worth more than money and that's living in the will of God," he said.
You can see how his traditional straight forward style attracted many believers in his church and around the world. John Osteen hosted a weekly television show "John Osteen" for 16 years until his death in 1999.
His son Joel Osteen reluctantly took over as pastor because he did not want to preach or have the style of preaching like his father. We remember seeing a show when Joel Osteen said those exact words and that he was going to grow Lakewood Church into much bigger ministry and reach many more people.

Well he surely did when he bought a stadium in Houston and now reaches millions of people but what kind of ministry is he teaching?

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