Saturday, September 24, 2011

Former Gay Employee Sues Rev. Jesse Jackson for Sexual Harassment

 A former associate and staff member of the Rainbow Coalition accuses Jesse Jackson of sexual discrimination for actions he committed while he was working for Jackson. Tommy Bennett is filing a lawsuit claiming that he was instructed to bring women to Jackson’s room and was even mocked and harassed by Jackson himself.

He goes on to claim that some even refused to work under him and asked for God to rid them of “homosexual spirits” in the office while Bennett was present. More embarrassingly, Bennett claims he was instructed to clean up in Jackson’s hotel rooms after he’d have sex with random women. Finally, Bennett even claims that Jackson tried to make him apply ointment on his lower thigh. When he refused, Jackson allegedly called him a “little ...”.

In damning evidence that is sure to get the most headlines, Jackson allegedly wore only briefs and made sexual advances at Bennett while describing a time he got oral sex from a teacher. Here’s the official statement from Jackson and co.:

Read the entire article at AT2W

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