Friday, September 30, 2011

Former New Birth Employee and Member Sues Bishop Long's Church for Sexual Harassment

It appears that Bishop Eddie Long is doing some cleaning up from the past and some serious paying up as well. This week Bishop Eddie Long was in court which settled on $2 million dollars he would pay on a defaulted gym loan.

Also, this week, the bishop was scheduled to give a deposition at a Midtown Law firm in Atlanta in the sexual harassment case of a former New Birth employee and another employee. This case was in the news last year.

Here's some of the details on this sexual harassment case in Oct, 2010:

Former New Birth employee and church member of  12 years, Tama Colson filed a lawsuit in a courthouse in Atlanta claiming that a male supervisor named Michael Ceaser showed her pictures of a 'male sex organ' on a cellphone. Colson states that when she complained she was harassed, demoted and eventually terminated from her job and the church.

Read the full report here.

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