Friday, September 30, 2011

Gospel's Dorinda Clark Cole Speaks on Suicide Attempt

In our lives, finding peace in the midst of a terrible storm can sometimes be very difficult. Even though we may spend our lives professing our love and life for Jesus, we can't always hear him. Even when we have lived our lives to encourage others, we can't encourage ourselves. In the midst of great pain and sorrow, God sometimes is very quiet for a reason we can not comprehend.

Well, this is what Gospel singer Dorinda Clark Cole has experienced. In a recent interview with Black America Web's Nikki Wood, Dorinda reveals all of the pain and struggles she endured and explains how a suicide attempt nearly had her driving high speed into a river-literally. Just when she almost gave up and couldn't hear God but heard Satan instead, God spoke loud and clear.
Take a listen to Dorinda Clark Cole's intimate interview with Nikki Wood here.

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