Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Justice System Can Execute Man's Body But Can It Execute His Soul?

We wanted to speak on the execution of Troy Davis and all death row inmates who are awaiting execution.

We have mentioned in previous posts that we do not believe in the death penalty. We do not care if it is Charles Manson; man should not KILL another man for alleged crimes he may have committed. Furthermore, if the man is truly an innocent man, then what shall become of our justice system when he is executed in vain?

It is never right to kill anyone. The bible states in the ten commandments that "You shall not Kill". We are not sure where our government came up with the idea to kill man because he has killed. Where is the mercy? What example do we teach our children and the world by killing those who have violated the law? Isn't life in prison enough punishment?

The man or woman who commits or accused of committing heinous crimes does not give any of us  the right to take his or her life. That is only reserved for our God. He is God who gave us life and only He alone has the right to determine how we die. He is God, not us. What right do we have to play God? The justice system is criminal in every way by allowing its system of death to go on all over the country.

Read entire article here.

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