Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What Would God Say About King Family Profiting $800,000 From MLK Memorial?

What Would God Say About King Family Profiting $800,000 From MLK Memorial?

From AT2W:

Why are we feeling quite deceived right about now? Could it be true that the new Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial at the National Mall was just a money making mechanism to continue to milk the life out of  the King legacy?

Alright, before we go any further and really get beside ourselves, let's take a look at the facts that were found. The Root's Charles E. Cobb Jr. has expressed his feelings and finding about the subject. Charles E. Cobb Jr. was a field organizer in the 1960s for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee.
The builders of the new had to pay $761,160 for the right to use King's words and images, according to financial documents obtained by the Associated Press. The money went to Intellectual Properties Management Inc. -- a foundation controlled by King's youngest son, Dexter. Another $71,000 was paid out in a "management fee" to the family estate back in 2003.
So, the builders whom would create this monument that Americans all over the country have been waiting for, have paid nearly $1 million dollars just to use his words and image. Wow! Did anyone even know images and words pay so much?

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