Saturday, September 17, 2011

When The Love of Basketball Turns Teen Girls to Love Other Women

What has caused us to speak on this is not her apparent tom-boyish personality and because she played basketball but the videotape of her friends on the news at her school after her death. Many of them speaking in the camera were females with an obvious 'masculine swagger'.

It appeared her friends were all young, black teen lesbian girls. They even pointed out Tayshana 'Chicken' Murphy's girlfriend and her holding up a picture of them together.

It's been stated for years that the WNBA and basketball leagues for women have literally 'turned girls/women out' in the game. There are testimonies of women (click link) who have admitted they were not lesbian until they came to play the game as a serious sport and career. Its been reported girl's basketball is a game as some others, that demands the female to play as hard as any man.

How did basketball, for instance, turn some girls to homosexuality? Is it expected of them or is there some inside dealings and pressure to be like male basketball players?

Read entire article and see video at AT2W

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