Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who's Behind This Country Embracing Satan's Homosexuality Agenda ?

We know the title is pretty harsh and probably hard to swallow but it is very much true. We live in a society where all things are accepted in just about every shape, form or fashion. No longer does this nation, America value the morals as it once did. The elements of greed, power, money and sex have superseded anything good, wholesome and innocent in our society.

If you are wondering why, then we have found some information for you that may be evident but will nonetheless shock you. You may not know to the degree what plan the enemy, Satan has in store for us. Actually, do you know whose behind it and what evil and underhanded schemes are taking place everyday right under our noses? Take a look.

1) Have you wondered why our President embraces homosexuals and have passed so many laws in favor of their forbidden lifestyles? Did you know that Obama's health care bill 'Obamacare' allegedly ties into a prehistoric movement of homosexuality and allegedly connected with Nazi remnants? Also, what would you say if this alleged information was tied into a New World Order to turn this country into a homosexual nation? Well, keep reading.

Read the entire article at AT2W

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