Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Do Christians Still Watch Messy Talk and Reality Shows?

We saw an article about the Basketball Wives L.A. reality show. We don't watch the show but the article stated there was some hair weave pulling incidents and just all around bad behavior.

We've been asking the same question for years: 'Why do people still watch these 'messy talk shows' and reality shows?" It seems like when shows like "Ricki Lake", "Maury", "Jerry Springer", including "Tyra" and the like aired, people could not get enough.

The shows brought on the uncouth from every ghetto and street corner. Black folks, in particular, were eager to sign up and 'show their behinds' on national television.

We saw shows revealing things like one young mother with 10 lovers and no baby daddy. There were other shows with men and women exposing their indiscretions with a same sex partner or pregnancy with their partner's sibling.

These shows still go on today. Do we know why? It's because the show has a wide audience of look-lues who are addicted to... mess! It's the same as when reality shows came out. Some of those would be "Basketball Wives", "Real Housewives of whatever", and way too many to mention. They may seemed more sophisticated because many celebrities appear on them, but just as messy and a waste of time. These shows in particular dominated prime time television and cable networks where every station was all about 'reality TV.'

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