Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Zachery Tims' Members Want Ex-Wife Riva Tims to Return to New Destiny Church

Zachery Tims' former wife, Riva Tims, has been receiving many calls to return to the Florida megachurch they founded together 15 years ago to fill the gap left by Tims, who passed away last month.

Riva Tims has addressed questions from members of New Destiny Christian Center(NDCC) on her Facebook page who wanted to know if their former first lady would be returning to fill the position her ex-husband left behind.

"In response to so many of your inquiries... I have gotten an overwhelming response from my New Destiny Family to come home and/or at least minister to them," Riva Tims wrote.
"However, I have not been contacted by NDCC staff to return or to assist in the transition. I will continue to pray and cover NDCC, that the vision Zack and I birthed will continue! Thanks for all of your love and prayers."

Read entire story here.

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