Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christian Critics Speak Against Lesbians Who Give Boy Hormone Treatment to be Girl

Boy Named Tommy is now 11 year old Tammy
We are happy that people of God are not letting this case to fall on deaf ears. When we heard about this we immediately contacted the Supreme Court in California and the Alameda County Child Abuse division. We were not going to allow this to go without a fight.

So, we thank God that Christians are standing up and speaking out. This means word will get to the right people and the two women may face criminal charges and/or removal of son from the home.
Here's the report on three Christian critics on the issue:

A lesbian couple Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel in California has decided to give their 11-year-old son hormone blockers to prevent the onset of puberty, giving the boy time to decide whether or not he wants to switch his gender.
When he was only 3 years old, he signed to his parents, "I am a girl." The couple responded by signing, "No, no. Thomas is a boy," but Tommy disagreed. Now Tommy goes by the name of Tammy, wears dresses to school and lives his life as if he were a little girl.
Jeanne Brooks, a psychologist and professor at Liberty University who specializes in child development stated:
"...adolescents are generally not considered mature enough to take on responsibilities like driving, getting married or drinking alcohol, so Tommy cannot be expected to make such a major decision at such a young age.'

Read entire article HERE

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