Friday, October 28, 2011

Christian Filmmaker Tyler Perry Calls on Kim Kardashian for Role in New Movie

Tyler Perry and Kim Kardashian in new movie 'the marriage counselor" 

Report from AT2W:

Wow! Didn't I just write about how Tyler Perry is not showing good Christian values in his movies and plays? Well, here he goes and he's going big time and raunchy by featuring Kim Kardashian in his next play to film "The Marriage Counselor".
She will have a co-starring role in the Liongate's film by Tyler Perry which will begin filming in Atlanta on Oct. 26th.
We are not sure what talents Miss Kim Kardashian has except what she thinks is in the seat of her pants which many speculate is all plastic. Tyler Perry has really done to the gutter on this one.
The morals and values he claims to present in his work show faulty and to the lowest degree.


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