Saturday, October 29, 2011

Christian Radio Hosts Does Not Want LGBT Nurses Treating Children

Christian Radio Host Linda Harvey
We can not say we disagree with her stance. Homosexual nurses are certainly capable and qualified to do their jobs but we do believe that their lifestyles are influential to their patients in some shape, form or fashion. Many of us have been treated by someone who clearly appeared to be gay at one point or another and this may have been very uncomfortable for us, physically and spiritually. So, would we want our children to experience this if it was true of them? Without accusing gay nurses of any wrongdoing, it is the spirit that influences people and it takes a discerning spirit to take action against it. Would we want a transgendered nurse to treat children or ourselves?

It's no different than a racist doctor. If he or she is a racist, this spirit will surely show in their work at one point or another- and this has been going on for many, many years.

Read report on what Linda Harvey has to say about not letting your children be treated by gay or lesbian nurses:
Radio host Linda Harvey of Mission America went on an anti-gay rant during her “Christian” radio show yesterday, warning parents to keep their children away from LGBT healthcare professionals. Her implication was that exposing young kids to LGBT people in a medical setting could turn them gay.
Harvey acknowledged that LGBT healthcare professionals “can be certainly competent workers,” but she expressed concerns that “their involvement with your child during a hospital stay is sure to be an influence … they are tacking on to their workplace identity one that is highly offensive to many people and can be erroneously influential to children who won’t, or shouldn’t, see the whole picture of how this behavior really manifests itself.”
“(Let’s) say your 11-year-old has broken her leg rather badly and needs to be in the hospital a few days, which would you prefer: a nurse who’s proud of her lesbianism, who has rainbow identifiers on her work clothing, or a nurse who does not?” Harvey asked listeners.
Harvey indicated that it was OK to allow openly gay or lesbian doctors and nurses to treat children under emergency circumstances. But otherwise she advised parents to “write a letter that you file with your pediatrician that should your child ever be hospitalized, you do not want your child to be treated or cared for” by an out gay person.

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